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  1. pigmode
    I had a knife that was ground to around 13˚, which makes for quite an easy slicer. 
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  2. ranfan
    it is great when you want to cut soft vegetables. like cucumber, eggplant, onion.. or even salmon
  3. liamstrain
    Nice! That's most of what I collect and use these days as well. I have several dozen GEC's with a handful in regular rotation. 
    Today I'm carrying a mid 1940s (est). Shapleigh HDW Diamond Edge barlow, and a new GEC beagle. 
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  4. addylo
    Nice Shapleigh.  Looks to be in very good shape for its age.  I love a good Barlow.
    Anyone else collect Lagiuole?
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  5. PalJoey
    I have a Laguiole copy, with damascus blade. The real thing's a little beyond my budget. The one above it is a Monnerie - another elegant French style.
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  6. neddoge
    I​ guess I should've expected as much entering a thread like this, but wow some of the blades in this thread are stunning.
    And here I am excited about my Kershaw Scallion blade and it's easy open flipper!
  7. addylo
    Of all the knives in my collection the Spyderco Sage 2 is still my favorite EDC.  It's the perfect size for my needs, keeps a good edge, and is easy to deploy and close with one hand.  The carbon fiber doesn't chew up a pocket as badly as G-10 does, and the wire pocket clip is discreet.  I rarely carry anything else these days. 
  8. billybob_jcv
    I have a few - Buck 309, Buck 305, Buck 505, Kershaw Cryo, Ganzo G7211, Sanrenmu 6011, and old pearl Imperial from the 1940s that I got from my father. I also have a Ganzo G7511 and a little Dacoria flipper coming from Fasttech.
  9. Trihexagonal
    I've got a CRKT M16-KZ10 with AutoLAWKS locking system (That's the red button at the top) I usually carry. It's small and unimposing enough that I don't feel like I'll get charged with carrying it clipped inside my front pocket. Flips open by finger in a flash:


    A Smith & Wesson H.R.T. with magnesium handle that is my favorite folding knife to carry, flips open with a flick of the finger quicker than you'd know I had it out, with matching 16 " ASP should the need arise:


    And for when times get hard an Italian made Extrema Ratio T2000M Tenebra with 11.81" blade of 58 HRC stainless N690 cobalt steel. It has a really nice feel to it:

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  10. havoc123
    Also a fan of Spyderco - here is my most recent
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  11. pigmode

    That of course is your Sage 1.

    I've had an unused Sage 2 (Reeves Integral Lock, Ti scales) for a couple months, but have it listed for sale (@ candlepower forums) since yesterday. Great quality Taichung build--but I prefer lighter cheaper knives these days.
  12. addylo
    Good catch. Yes, I mistakenly labeled that puppy. It is the Sage 1. I still prefer it over my Sage 2.

    But since posting that pic a Chris Reeve Inkosi has kicked all other knives out of my pocket. It's perfect for my daily use.
  13. pigmode

    Wish I still had my Inkosi.

    Love the Sage 2 as well, especially the build quality. What tends to bother me is how the over-broadness of its leaf shaped blade, sacrifices a bit of compactness in the pocket, for a look that I don't like all to much anyway. The Manix 2 leaf shape is about as leafy as I can handle.

    With the recent discontinuation of the M4 Mantra, I'm betting on a re-released Mantra with a stainless blade hopefully in XHP.
  14. mgc468
    Some really nice blades! I bought a dan winkler hunter that I really like. I used to be into fancy custom knives but decided I don’t want to own a knife that was so expensive that I would be afraid to actually use it.
  15. addylo
    My CRK family is growing.

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