1. Keebler
    The one in the middle is a one good looking knife!
  2. cpetrillo
    Thought I'd bring this thread back from the dead. My every day carry is my Hinderer XM-18 Spanto, full titanium.


    My latest is my Direware H92. This is an evolution of Direware's popular Hyper 90.
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  3. Ross H
    I love that Direware. I get the "in stock" emails every once in a while and there are usually a couple available by the time I look but I can't bring myself to carry an expensive custom or benchmade knife. My EDC is an Emerson production CQC-8, I don't think I need much more than that.
  4. cpetrillo
    I'll admit that they are a little pricey for EDC but I do carry it occasionally . I also carry a very old henkles slipjoint that does the bulk of the heavy cutting when I'm carrying the h92.
  5. Ross H
    In addition to the Emerson, I carry a Gerber EAB ( for the same reasons you carry the Henkles. Since I'm known as the "knife guy", people are always asking to use my knife when they want to cut or open something; often it's a chore for which I'd rather not use my knife, even if it's just a production ("hey, I need to pry open this rusty container, can I borrow your knife"). Those people can go to town on the Gerber EAB, if the blade chips or breaks, I can just replace it with any utility blade.

    Also, I apologize if it seems that I was throwing shade on your decision to purchase and use an expensive knife, that was not my intent but my wording was bad. You have some great knives and I think it's terrific that you use them instead of relegating them to closet duty.
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  6. smorgar
    My tiny Böker Plus EDC. Been with me for hmmm 7-8 years i belive.
    IMG_20180629_141454.jpg IMG_20180629_141538.jpg
  7. WNBC
    This thread has given me lots of ideas over the years. Some purchases were good, some were weird. I can see how it becomes addicting just like buying audio equipment. Recently took a firearms training class and the instructors carried two knives (one for each pocket) for obvious reasons that I hadn't considered before. Still searching for the perfect knives :). Don't know enough so I probably need to try more and more to get a feel for what I really like.
    1. Giant Mouse Ace (EDC, really nice balance and sharp, just have to work on smoothing out the flipper action)
    2. Spyderco Dragonfly (EDC)
    3. Byrd Meadowlark (bedroom)
    4. Boker Plus Subcom F Knife (for my jacket)
    5. Smith and Wesson Extreme Ops folding knife (wife's car)
    6. Swiss Army Classic Alox (backpack)
    7. Off-Grid FAT BOY POCKET KNIFE (EDC though a bit thick and heavy so it's mostly used around the house for opening boxes)
    8. Sypderco Rubicon 1 carbon fiber (very cool, too pretty for EDC, sold off but miss)
    9. Fake Spyderco Rubicon 1 (I realized why I won this knife so cheaply on Ebay. Actually well made as far as I can tell, but fake Spyderco)

    giant mouse.jpg
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  8. Ross H
    Yup, it can be addicting. According to my records, I've bought/sold/traded over 1,000 knives since I joined Bladeforums back in 2003.

    Regarding the second knife: my friend is a LEO in Las Vegas, he helps with his department's hand to hand combat training. He carries an Emerson Karambit on his weak side, the Wave feature allows him to quickly deploy the knife with his weak hand if he has to cover his sidearm with his strong hand in the event that someone goes after his weapon.
  9. WNBC
    Addicting and overwhelming. So many varieties at all price levels. Fun, but then I can see one could start accumulating drawers full of knives.

    In addition to owning them, knowing how to use them in real situations. Definitely thinking of taking my local defensive folding knife training course.

    Watched a video about the Karambit. Interesting knife, especially when one knows how to use it!

  10. MadSounds
    Singxer-su1 > NOS11 > Code-6 modded he-6. very good Microtech Cypher clone. All extremely well made made in china items. OK maybe he-6 fit and finish sort of sucks, but the knife amp and DDC carry the combo for looks. black on black on black.
    and some world class beers cause why not.

  11. jabob513
    My EDC is a Kizer Ursa Minor, just a beautiful knife all around! I have smaller hands and it's just perfect. The little touches like the milled pocket clip are great as well.
  12. gryphon1911
    SOG Flashpoint tanto here as my EDC.
  13. MrGnomeragn
  14. SilverEars
    How about kitchen knives guys? Anybody know what to look for in quality kitchen knives?
  15. Tinnitus Man
    I've seen these on the internet and always wanted one. They do wooden handles, but I needed something easy to see if dropped.


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