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  1. liamstrain
    Widely variable. I've seen them carry high-end production knifes, limited editions from Benchmade, Spyderco, Zero Tolerance and even Strider - all of which make great knives. But I've also seen them carry Gerber and others which are not. But it's an interesting service, and you can sometimes get a decent deal. Just have to do some research before you plunk down your cash. :)

    The ones currently on there, the MCUSTA is underrated, they are quite good knives, especially at their price point. The Ferrum forge is good, but not a bargain. The Boker plus Kwaiken is a pretty decent knife. I own a limited edition of it. Price is about the same as retail though, so not a bargain. The others are not really worth mentioning. Kershaw makes some good knives (Zero Tolerance is one of their brands), but not *that* one. 
  2. akg fanboy
    Not a big fan of cold steel, gerber, and spyderco purely on design. Zero tolerance is like the "sennheiser" of knives, but tons of cool knives out there like Alexey Konygin, Brian Nadeau, we knife, Michael Zieba, rike knife, kershaw, ch knives, brous blades, and steel will. I'm a shirogorov fanboy but the zt 0606CF is the coolest knife I've seen.
    The CH 3504 is pretty much the best value you can get on an original knife using high grade steel and it's a great way to start with a high end knife at a mid tier price. Otherwise I would strongly recommend kershaw for beginners who want american made knives
    I've seen boker on massdrop but I'm fairly confident that is a Michael Zieba clone, you should also stay away from ravencrest if you want an OTF, it's just a $30 chinese microtech clone being branded and sold at a large markup to rip you off.
    I think generally you're gonna want at least vg10 steel for a long term knife, and d2 is a safe choice. Trusty old s30v is a good high end steel to look for in a more expensive knife
  3. Hamaki gaijin
    Still here picked up a couple of new model, although one is an old benchmade.
  4. Dellwolf
    The one on the left is a Hogue and the one in the middle is the Benchmade, but what's the one right? And can you give some more details on all of them?
  5. Hamaki gaijin

    Its a japanese custom piece from gifu forging. Its an apprentice blade from one of the last real sword smiths in Japan. Located in gifu prefecture (seki).
  6. Hamaki gaijin

    The benchmade is a crawford leapord in Ats34. The hogue is the elishwitz collab with red gmascus handle, its a manual and the button lock is surprisingly solid.
  7. Dellwolf

    Nice. Most of my stuff are newer models like my Benchmade Griptilian(full size) in 154CM and my Spyderco Manic 2 G-10 in CPM S30V. But then I also have things like this Higomokami in the picture, which is a lamanated steel with Blue Paper steel for the edge. 0131172137.jpg
  8. ranfan
    mine's shigeki tanaka. one gyuto damascus, and another santoku blue steel. and holy, they're light and very sharp.
    3a1f7d90f4.jpg 20121002_3e8f0a.jpg

    i'm saving for the petty knife :) (for peeling, quick cutting, etc)

    addylo likes this.
  9. pigmode
    What is your sharpening process?
  10. ranfan

    just the basic 3000 and 8000 grit. 10000 grit for finishing. i try to keep it less than 15 degree angle all the time, so not only the edge is thin, but the body as well. it improves the durability of the sharpness. left and right, since they have double bevel.
  11. addylo
    Great thread!  I'm liking those Japanese blades.  I really need to upgrade my kitchen gear.
    I'm another knife knut and have been accumulating for several years.  Most of my collection (100+) are traditional folders (Great Eastern, Case, etc) but I also have a number of Spydercos, a few Benchmades (not a huge fan), ESEE, etc.
    Here's a few favorites:
    William Henry E10
    Chris Reeve Mnandi
    Chris Reeve Sebenza
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  12. akg fanboy
    Never heard of william henry but that one looks really nice, seen the chris reeve one way too many times from the millions of clones or knives based on that one.
    I got one of these Alexey Konygins
  13. Dellwolf
    Which Decepticon model is that?
  14. akg fanboy
    model 2
  15. addylo
    Nice custom.  Those are hard to find these days. 
    I'm more into the traditionals.  Great Eastern is my favorite brand.  Here's a few examples.
    Cody Scout with Mammoth Scales
    Northwoods barlow (made by Great Eastern) with blue camel bone scales
    An assortment of barlows
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