1. Mr Rick
    Here is some of the haul from this years Montana Knifemakers Association show. Held on August 6th and 7th in Missoula. Another is on order. More details on each when I return in about six weeks.
    I went through a LOT of knives trying to find the right one for me. For last several years up until earlier this year it's been a large Sebenza 21. Since early this year it's been a Spartan/Harsey folder. This might be the perfect one... I ordered a few spares in case it goes out of production in the future. Before those two... Countless Benchmades and Spydercos... Auto, OTF, manual, assisted, whatever you can think of.

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  3. pigmode
    Came real close to picking up a Mini-Griptilian locally, priced about $20 more than listed online. Handled real nice, and would have been very happy with that. 
    Did a quick eBay search one day that brought this up--a NIB Spyderco Delica Clipit, AUS-8 Generation 2 in mint condition w/box. Also pictured is my Gin 1 Generation 1. The wider clip on the Gen 2 is much tighter, the older narrower belt clip having loosened up quite a bit.
    These are not in much demand I guess, auction ending at less than $50. 
  4. Dellwolf
    Anyone on here still active?
  5. Xcellent

    I'm still here, just no money to buy something new :p
  6. pigmode
    Apparently me, and now you. Maybe the ball can get rolling again.
    Anyway I've since picked up a NIB 3rd iteration Gen 2 Spyderco Endura. I love these old FRN Spyderco--so efficient. Have also found my long lost 80's Al Mar Hawk-Talon (old pic). The Hawk-Talon was a limited edition model that was actually brighter green before fading to OD, then this muddy brown. EDC'd it in my tool belt for over 20 yr.
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  7. Mr Rick
    I have three being built. One for me, two as gifts.
  8. Dellwolf
    I have more knives, but these are the two Spyderco knives I own. Manix 2 Black G-10 and FFG Delica 4 in Purple FRN. 1218162008.jpg
  9. liamstrain
    Heh - ditto. I've actually been selling off parts of my collection. I expect I'll re-focus it this way, through editing down, then I can start acquiring new pieces. 
  10. Mr Rick
    Cory Smith "Slicer", Hamilton, Montana
  11. Nocturnal310
    man i really wanna get a nice fixed blade like joe rogan's
    but its such a legality issue to carry such knives in big cities nowadays.
  12. WNBC
    Gorgeous, might have to treat myself to one of these from DW.
  13. akg fanboy
    any shirogorov owners here?
  14. Dellwolf
    I wish I was one. Lol
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  15. 000zero
    massdrop has an every day carry section that's got some cool looking knives. Can't speak much to their quality though as I am a noob in knife world.

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