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Klipsch S4 or Shure SE215?

  1. romulusremus
    Hi guys! I just want to ask your opinion about these two IEMs. Which is better or more "bang for buck"?
    I'm open for any suggestions as long as it fits my under $100 budget. BTW, I will use the IEMs for school,commuting,gym etc.
    I'm on a tight budget because I'm just a student and I'm saving up for a Fiio E11 amp. Thanks in advance!
  2. Angels and Air
    Owning both, I'd say go with the Shure SE215.
    The cable on the Klipsch is pretty thin and delicate. The Shure's have a better fit (over-ear) and have much better isolation than the Klipsch.
    Amp wise, I doubt an E11 will help much. I noticed slight improvement with the S4 with my Fiio E6, but no difference with my SE215's.
  3. ss2625
    se215 by far. no amp is necessary
  4. takoyaki7
    Not a fan of s4. Not bad but unremarkable. X10 is way better for a small premium.
    se215 is pretty underated imho.
    Plus se215 has superior fit, isolation, accessories...a no brainer to me the best choice.
  5. SpringBiscuit
    go for SE215, recommend this one more then s4
  6. AstroTurf
    You should also consider the Etymotic line.

    MC5, or the HF5. Both can be found for under a 100, and crush those other two choices easily.

  7. romulusremus
    Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions! I'm now convinced to buy the Shure SE215. I think it will be a good upgrade from my a-jays two.
    I always wanted to try the Etymotic line but it's hard to find a store here in the Philippines that sell Etymotics(even Shure and other brands like V-Moda,Westone etc). 
  8. AstroTurf
    Ah, It's all good.
    Just keep an eye for some used ones.
    Enjoy your new phones.
  9. nikkojames15
    Hey, ever tried Egghead Audiohub in Robinsons Galleria, if you live in Metro Manila? They sell most brands (even Westone). They don't have UE though.
  10. ASpec818
    I have a pair of S4's, and the tips don't fit my ears properly. They are cone shaped rather than round. You may want to try both pairs on before committing. 

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