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Kaldas Research RR 1 Conquest ($500 Electrostatic)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by SHAMuuu, Feb 15, 2019.
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  1. Hubert481
    The 3d-printer file for the spacers (3mm) would be great. :)
  2. JLoud
    Setup 3 looks just like mine. Same amp and even the headphone stand is the same!
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  3. JLoud
    Whoops, I have the SRM353X. Well it was close.
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    20191205_183756.jpg No one has this setup, just bcs of he/she does not had 3 color wires!!

    When I am in hungry and thirsty :D
    Balance dual xlr3 cable comes too late.

    Thank you Aumkar!
    20191205_181612.jpg 20191205_202355.jpg
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
  5. Hubert481
    You should put red on the right side

    or you are using special cross-DIY-cables ...
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  6. donpablo
    @TYATYA Do you maybe also own Stax SRM-252s? I have that one with RR1 + ifi iTube2 in between. I am curious what changes would SRM-353X/S make.
  7. buke9
    Christmas bonus time is coming soon and I will own a pair of these heard them at SoCal and really like them a lot and very good for the price. Have a SRM-1/MK2 to drive them with that I got for my Koss ESP-950’s with a cable mod for the extension cable to pro bias and have heard a pair of SR-009’s thru it and was quite pleased with the sound but do love the tube sound.
    No, I have only stax-007tA.
    20191207_192938.jpg 20191207_193104.jpg

    This is China made cable.
    Lucky for me when I found wiring problem.
    2.5 plug wire is OK for AK daps but dual xlr3 is WRONG wiring.
    By listening at loud enough spl I found grainy in the sound which RR1 and/or a tube amp should not, said.
    Also treble is not that high.
    I must check the cable.
    But on long business trip, I have only a 1.5V AAA battery in my hand. I must lick each wire to and the battery too confirm.
    Finally one wire have to be cut as in pics.

    Dont blame China makers but checking is a must unless big name maker as AK or Sennheiser made cables.

    How many guys among us may get similar trouble : SQ heavily affected due to your cable!

    Back to topic. After I cut a pole to correct the cable. Wow!!!
    Silver wire so suit for RR1.
    Tighter mid bass and extend of highs. That is common effect from silver wire but, how much it does on an E.stat amplifier.
    Audio analog cable can effect my Shure KSE which also E.stat but the effect on Stax 007tA seems double!

    Happy with SP1000SS + silver balance xlr + Stax 007tA + RR1.
    Copper cable makes RR1 not reach the highs of hd800s.
    On silver wire RR1 now just fall into sound stage. Ah who do not know that hd800s is the king of this term!
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  10. Hubert481
    Your 3,5 stereo jack plug fits into your stax amp - amazing
    Looks like you are in the wrong thread with your cable.
  11. TheDuke990
    Sure ? AK -> 3,5mm -> 2x XLR 3Pin -> Stax 007tA -> RR1
    Should work :) .
  12. Hubert481
    I thought this cable is for the headphone.
    Otherwise it is the wrong thread
  13. Bojjen72
    Greetings from Sweden,

    Long time lurker, never posted here but this time I felt I had to...
    Just got my RR1's s/n 55 and my initial impressions are - pretty spectacular, (sub)bass is awesome and the FR is really nice, like a HD-6XX with more and better grain free top end and estat speed. Can't compare with Omegas as I have not heard any yet, but I would say altogether better than ESP95X / L500 and different flavour to L700 Mk II - not necessarily better nor worse . Anyways, take these initial impressions with a grain of salt as, well, they are initial. Listening through a 353x. A KGSSHV is on it's way from Mjolnir though :wink:
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  14. TYATYA
    Mine is no.54.
    Dap Sp1000ss
    Balance xlr3 silver
    Amp Srm 007tA

    At the first unbox moment (w/o xlr3 cable. Cable was rca copper).
    I though: Huh? Something wrong with Headfiers. They said, they posted this is dark side headphone!
    I love this sound, balance tonal toward bright side abit as like my hd800s.

    But just 1hour later.
    I agree. yes! dark.
    Big change happend quickly to same as I read on this thread.

    When writing this words, I've just done 1st FR test by hearing.
    Tone gennerator app @ Sp1000 -> xlr3 ->007tA ->RR1 ->my ears.

    I must say too much distortion on range of 20-60Hz.
    I never ever facing this on my headphones before.
    Volume is 50% on the amp with 2.5V input. That is not quite big spl.
    Any combine of two tones at 20-50Hz also make the same distortion.
    But combine with higher tone such as 300Hz, distortion disappear.
    So I am fine, I listen daily and have not facing this problem.

    After tone test above ( total time about 5 minutes), RR1 brings me a very good sound!!!
    My brain does not need to readjust when switching between hd800s and RR1 (except huge soundstage of 800s).

    I read on manual there is guidance for solving the case the film stick on metal mesh. That is not my case, but 50Hz sine tone said to be used.

    Is there a best way to burn in a headphone other than playing a list of songs?
    Is sine sweep better?

    Idk but Im thinking sine sweep and low Hz pure tone improved or solved an unkown "problem"

    20191214_074814.jpg 20191214_075552.jpg
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  15. TYATYA
    NOTE: This is not failure. I intend to break.

    Longer head band fit to my head and no more demand of shorter one. I tend to break it.
    Easy, due to cut out near the screw hole.
    Then I turn clamper 180 degrees as shown in picture.
    Purpose is to clamp the headband so that headband will hanging weight of headphone by this clamper - no load on screw hole.

    20191214_091258.jpg 20191214_090906.jpg
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