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  1. voja

    Kaldas Research INOX: The World's First Consumer Closed-Back Electrostatic Headphone

    It's finally here! The wait is over. I managed to stumble across this while going through the company's website: https://www.kaldasresearch.com/pages/inox Almost 5 years have gone by since Kaldas Research entered the headphones industry with its RR1 Conquest open-back electrostatic headphones...
  2. Kaldas Research RR1 Conquest

    Kaldas Research RR1 Conquest

    The RR1 Conquest is a Circumaural Electrostatic headphone. The RR1's chassis is made up of several different materials. The headband assembly is machined Aluminium. Sourced by our neighbor - Hindalco Industries. The headband harp is Spring Steel, the hardening process is done in-house to meet...
  3. SHAMuuu

    Kaldas Research RR 1 Conquest ($500 Electrostatic)

    Holy Grail from India?