JVC HA-FD01 Class S Solidege

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  1. mochill
    I think it'll take way more burning in because the driver material is harder
  2. jant71
    Kinda thinking they could have more bass sub-bass. Indeed they are not over $500 earphones but my Elation went down to 8Hz, the FXT200 went down to 6Hz. That these are 8Hz shows they were trying to really go in the treble direction. Not what they have done in the past. Maybe swung too much with the brighter clearer sound. If they don't match the FXT in sub-reach then I'm out as that isn't good enough. Shying away from these.
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  3. spw1880
    Hi all,

    Just got my FD01. Sorry for the lousy photos.
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  4. spw1880
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  5. spw1880
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  6. spw1880
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  7. spw1880
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  8. spw1880
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  9. Ahmad313
    Congratulations friend ,
    It looks so beautiful ,
    please please share your early impressions ,
  10. amature101
    What does each nozzel does?
  11. spw1880
    I have only had a couple of hours with the fd01.

    Just a few thoughts atm.

    1. The spiral dots are different this time. Freakishly comfy. Dun even notice any pressure yet it seals. Other tips dun work well with the fd01 only spiral dots. Not even symbios.

    2. My fav at the moment is the brass nozzle. A more natural tone. The stainless steel is slightly sharper and somehow a bit hollow lacking richness of tone.. Havent tried titanium.

    3. Fd01 is very different to fw01 woodie. Wider sound stage. More accurate placement of instruments. Lower bass impact much lower that for edm i used bass boost. Bass is deep and round, just softer but very accurate and tight. Midrange and vocals is absolutely beautiful, holographic even.. treble and extension very airy. Compared to fw01, i hear a lot more sonic information in all my fav tracks than with the fw01. All the tiny nuances that i missed with the woodie is immediately apparent with the fd01.

    4. I miss the bass of the fw01 but i love the live and emmersiveness of the fd01. Even with 6db of bass boost. The fd01 still has higher clarity than the fw01. Only a very slight enrichment of the lower mids is detected when the bass is boosted. But for genres such as rock or jazz, acoustic and so on..i just get so lost in the music and the bass is just right. For tracks that have overly boosted bass in the recording, the fd01 brings added clarity.

    5. Fd01 is by no means laid back...its signature commands your attention to the music. There is no sibiliance just clarity, i can listen to it much louder without the excessive bass pressure of the fw01.

    After 2 hours of fd01 i went back to fw01, and noticed that the fw01 is more fun more bassy but lacks the clarity and resolution of fd01.

    These are just initial impressions. I suspect with more burn in it will keep improving. And also i tried the new spiral dots on the fw01woodie, sounded like an improvement but will do more listening and tip rolling to verify.

    Hope this helps

  12. spw1880
    Oh and the build quality is exquisite. The cable is very sturdy and you can see the left and right channel cable are seperately sleeved. The sleeve has a very soft and matte texture. Very high quality in every aspect of build. No microfonics. The nozzle mechanism and rotation for over-ear also works flawless everytime and very sturdy.
  13. Roscoeiii
    Based on my DD experience with Vegas I'd expect things to change a bit over the first 100 hrs. On Vegas the change was largely in bass and treble. Both improved and increased a bit.
  14. Ahmad313
    excellent excellent , you are lucky man you have these bad boys ,
    So you think mid-heads/vocals lovers can also be pleased equally with these, vocals feels forward or recessed and how about the quality of voices of male/females ,???
  15. spw1880
    I would thinks so as well. Especially the fw01 took quite some time of use to show its true nature. Btw my impressions compare the fw01 just as a reference. I love my fw01..the fd 01 and fw01 excel at different things. I like the fact that i can enjoy both with my varied taste in music.
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