JVC HA-FD01 Class S Solidege

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  1. spw1880
    I would say that the mids and vocals are forward. Bass is a little shy and feels at the back (main weakness so far). Treble very airy without Peakyness. Its just the clarity of the mids and vocals are especially good. Both male and female vocals are equally good. The tone, the subtle breathes and flicks of the tongue and even the wetness or dryness of the mouth is laid to bear..i am really digging the brass nozzles atm. But again the bass issue is a bass boost away for me anyway, tho im aware not everybody has a bass boost swich or even like to use such a feature.
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  2. Roscoeiii
    And look forward to hearing how the titanium sounds. Very interesting approach to tuning the sound...
  3. spw1880
    Agreed...a clear departure from the woodie tuning.
  4. Ahmad313
    wow it's looks like my favourite sound signature as i am not a basshead but want some decent quantity and excellent quality bass(bit extra sub-bass) to enjoy the music and my favourite mid range(with forward vocals) is exactly as you describe above ,
    one more question please don't mind it , how you feel the height of soundstage , the all three directions are equal in presentation or how you describe the soundstage,???
  5. sect44
    Thanks a lot for your impressions. You said FD01 has more clarity and detail compared do FW01. What about texture and resolution? Can we say FD01 has the edge too or the warmer (and maybe thicker) FW01 is better?
  6. benchan2
    The price on Amazon JP is good, so close to pulling the trigger on FD02
  7. TimeSnow
    Curious to see some other reviews.
  8. spw1880
    Hi all,

    After 50 odd hours of burn in and listening. Bass has changed. It is more forward, and more impactful but still tight and very accurate. It is a deep articulate bass, with just the good rumble and speed. And i find using bass boost rarely now. This a very different bass than fw01 albeight very enjoyable.

    I also find that with tracks thay can sound muddy or with too much body with fw01 sound fantastic with the fd01. Glad i have both. Fd01 is fantastic well across most genres of music ive tried but i was especially impressed with rock and rap, where the clarity allows me to feel the intensity and anger of the rapper (eminem spitting and almost popping a vein). The attack of overlapping multiple electric guitars was portrayed with absolutely control..just crazy good layering and clarity.

    The mid, vocals and treble at this stage of burn in. i still think is as precise as ever, still very immersive. however i notice the exceptional clean and black background helps with seperation and definition of tone on each singer or instrument.

    I will also say over ear seals better, that rotating nozzle is just genius. Isolation is better than fw01 because vents are smaller i guess.

    Couldnt be happier with my purchase. Hats off to JVC for continuously improving the iems. This is my 4th jvc iem.
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  9. spw1880
    In terms of resolution, fd01 is the clear winner. Texture and layering also fd01 is superior. Fd01 is the more refined iem. Fw01 is fun but also has very dinstinct tonality still has great clarity. I still enjoy my fw01 immensely.

    If you already have fw01, i believe buying the fd01 will make a fine addition. If you choosing between the two i can only suggest to see your prwferred music taste. If your playlist leans heavily into pop. Hiphop.edm. dance music then fw01. If your playlist genre is very wide, then fd01. I am not a seasoned reviewer at all, neither do i have the best supporting gear or files so i can't describe what i hear in very technical terms. This is just my suggestion. I am enjoying linkin park as i type, and just minutes ago r3hab and samsmith on my fd01. Very Imppresive
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  10. all999
    Pulled the trigger on those. It will take about 3-4 weeks untill they reach me in EU :L3000:
  11. Ahmad313
    I am waiting for IT04 to see how they will perform and sound signature than i will decide which one is best for me ,
  12. spw1880
    Hi everyone,

    Did some cable rolling. The best match so far among my cables was with the norne audio silvergarde s2, its a special order for mmcx since it was originially made for full size HP. Big 20awg wires with multiple cotton cores. Brought more bass body, delicious reverb and impact, and reduced vocal fowardness to more natural levels, while retaining good transparency and control from lower mids to the highest treble range. The stock cable sound thin in comparison with a very forward mids, lacking in body. The OC UEX zeus was very good from mids to treble, just didnt bring added body to the bass. The Thor silver II+, brought good bass body but treble control was not as good as the s2. Didnt get to try with my rhapsodio golden as yet because of loose mmcx connector.

    Fd01 imo is just an excellent iem all round.
  13. benchan2
    I own FD02 but I want to confirm that it feels comfortable when wearing in ear hook style. Almost as good as AKG N40, better than CA Dorado.
    And the isolation is also good, it is similar to Dorado, (way) better than N40.
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  14. all999
    I can see FD01 are out of stock on amazon and e-earphones. Is it because of high demand or low stock supplies?
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  15. MadMusicJunkie
    I own the Dorado's and love them immensely. I was considering the FD01, but can you articulate the comparison with the FD02 to the Dorado nonetheless?
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