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JVC HA-FD01 Class S Solidege

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  1. BlinkST
  2. oneofthem
    Report impressions and comparison vs stock fw tips.

  3. oneofthem
    Anyone who got fd01 wants to sell me their largest tips. ( if they are indeed spiral dot+ )
  4. BlinkST
    I received the tips today. The sizes are supposed to go from S, MS, M, ML, L, so I ordered ML. It wasn't until I got them that I realized that the tip size that I had been using with my FW01 was M, not ML. So the fit advantage is lost on me; I ordered the wrong size. I can very much feel them inside my ears. I might even end up with two sets because I ordered from another store (Fujiya-Avic) as well, thinking that my bank had blocked Amazon Japan purchase.

    As for the sound? The bass became a bit stronger. I otherwise don't hear that much of a difference right now. My second photo shows them compared to the M tips that I normally used.


  5. oneofthem
    They should be different material or so I heard..

    Is this true?

    Anyway hope you sort your sizing.
  6. jafnvaegi
    AFAIK JVC has not released the Spiral Dot+ for individually packaged sale. These new Spiral Dot++ (model EP-FX10 just released a week ago) are basically the 3rd generation of Spiral Dot tips that improve on the Dot+ in some ways but are mostly the same.

    Since Spiral Dot types are my personal favorites, I'll plan to pick a pair of these up and compare them, but currently the Dot+ is only available packaged with the FD01 and FW10000. Not sure if they can be ordered from JVC direct as replacements though if you already own one of those IEMs.

    The special silicone material in the Dot+ is called SMP iFit and is much more supple than the original (it's supposed to mimic the mechanical properties of human skin) but the shape is slightly different between the two and the bore tapers wider on the Dot+.

    The new Dot++ is a 'hybrid' in that it has the new material as well (on the top part), plus a more rigid silicon (the lower color part) to help grip the IEM nozzle better and not allow as much deformation from the softer silicone. Definitely a welcome improvement and worth checking out because the Dot+ is the most comfortable tip (while giving the best seal) I've ever used! They appear to be about $22 for 2 pair/one size on amazon.jp which ships internationally. It's a bit steep in price, hopefully that comes down over time but they are brand new but I just wish they sold these in a complete set with one of every size....

    Ref: https://www.phileweb.com/news/d-av/201903/06/46749.html & https://www3.jvckenwood.com/accessory/headphone/earpiece/ep-fx10/ & http://www2.smptechno.com/en/tech/ & https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B07NX64RZJ
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2019
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  7. oneofthem
    My FW01 tips..cant say anything good about them, so thin and falling from every little head shake.

    Maybe some had maddarines silicone/memory foam hybrid?

    Third gen tips are out, please compare.
  8. surfgeorge
    It seems like these IEMs (FD01 and FD02) get little attention, but I have to say I am blown away by the FD02 after some simple and reversible modding!
    (Disclaimer: this idea is not from me, James444 can claim that right and a big thanks goes to him and trebor, who supported me patiently)

    2 weeks ago I was in Japan and visited e-earphones 3 times, spending 7 hours listening to their vast range of demo IEMs.
    Among others I listened to: CA Andromeda, Solaris, Comet, Audio 64 Tia Fourte, Sony IER Z1R, M9, M7, XBA-Z5, XBA-N3, EX800ST, JVC FW10000, FD01, FD02, and many more.
    It was extremely interesting to get to listen to such a wide range of signatures and characters, and I think at least superficially I got a good impression of what kind of performance is available at what price.

    One of the IEMs that stood out for me was the Victor FW10000
    I found it to be the most natural sounding IEM with the classic music I used to test it.
    The timbre was most accurate, balance was right, and it was detailed and dynamic. It almost disappeared and I felt there was little interpretation, rather very accurate and natural reproduction of the original music.

    Based on the recommendations of a fellow head-fier I had ordered the JVC HA-FD02, and I modded it in a pinch with a piece of 3M Micropore tape, covering about 95% of the nozzle to bring down down the 3-5kHz peak and make it more balanced. I had a Dayton IMM-6 microphone with simpe tube coupler with me and hand matched the 2 channels.
    IMG_0551.PNG IMG_8668.JPG

    I also bought the Nobunaga cable recommended by the same head-fier, after I tested it at the shop and really found it to make a pretty big difference (soundstage, maybe also detail and warmth)

    And the result of these 2 mods, IMHO, is stunning! The modded FD02 remind me very much of the FW10000, with accurate timbre, excellent balance, speed and detail.
    Jazz or classic sound absolutely stunning, I keep hearing new elements in the music in songs I have listened to for my whole life.
    I never noticed the tuba in "Take a look at my girlfriend" on the "Breakfast in America" CD from Supertramp. I never heard the subtle metallic noises on "PVC IV" from the Blue Man Group, and so on.
    I got the impression that the FD02 was at least at the same level of detail as the CA Andromeda S, but with the dynamics and liveliness of a DD, which I prefer.
    And all that detail is delivered without a trace of harshness. Bass is balanced and only slightly elevated, but really fast and detailed. Mids are effortless, fast detailed and smoth.
    I had very little time for direct comparisons, but I felt like I preferred the FD02 to the Andromeda S and the IER-M9, 2 IEMs I found very interesting. Yes, the Z1R was more impressive still, but they were so intense that it left me wondering if it was just a show effect that would eventually become a little too much.
    With the FD02 I just want to go through all my albums and detect them anew.

    Time to stop the rambling.
    I am itching to buy a second pair of those IEMs, since I feel like they played right up there with the $1000 IEMs and at the Japanese price of $200, that's just amazing.
    What I just can't seem to understand is how the hell these are not hyped to heaven and back :ksc75smile:

    Cheers! :beerchug:
  9. Trebor1966
    Hi surfgeorge,

    if JVC would charge $1000 or above for this gem they would get more interest.
  10. blacksesame
    wow very nice. how does the fd02 sound compared to kpe and ex800st. which one has the biggest sound stage?
  11. WhatToChoose
    Overly enthusiastic first impressions of any IEM are usually not a good sign....gonna wait for more.
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  12. surfgeorge
    The EX800ST has the biggest soundstage, without any doubt. With the "open" back design it's really very big.
    I has a special bass, powerful and textured but not overhwelming, mids are clean and detailed but can be a little overshadowed by the bass, and a more energetic treble that can get a tad sharp at times.
    It's coherent and fun, just has a lot more mid bass than the FD02.

    The FD02 soundstage with the Nobunaga cable is precise and realistic, very good focus.
    Soundwise the FD02 is balanced, fast, precise, detailed, and beaaauuuuutiful! Goosebumps!!!!
    Funny enough I find the bass of the FD02 better than the legendary EX800, cleaner and more textured.

    The KPE IMO has a kind of "glow" or "halo" effect which makes it sound wide, but not as accurate.
    But I felt like timbre was off especially with difficult string music, and it was kind of slow, didn't have the macro or microdynamics of the FD02.
    Also mid bass is a bit recessed. Take "Dragonborn" which really needs slam and good balance between frequencies, the KPE just doesn't convey the energy that makes that song.
    A song like "Running with the Wolves" by Aurora on the other hand works well with the KPE, making her voice float with the deeb bass rumbling below, but there are busier passages where the KPE can't keep things in order and sounds off.
    That last song sounds beautiful with the FD02, but less magically floating, tighter and more accurate.

    Out of those 3 I actually like the FD02 best, the EX800 is a very close second with a different character.
    I liked the KPE a lot when I got it (sold it now) and it has a special character, but can't keep up with the FD02 and EX800.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
  13. surfgeorge
    I fully aggree with you :)
    Honestly I didn't trust myself but got some information from others with many years of IEM experience, including TOTL, who rated them very highly.
    And to give you some background, I grew up going regularly to classic concerts and studying the Piano for a long time before I had to quit. Those experiences make me very sensitive to timbre and other imperfections in sound.
    I also spent several years and around 10k€ building a stereo system that I liked, which gives me another decent reference point.

    But as I said - I fully agree with you, enthusiasm needs to be challenged!
    I do hope that my enthusiasm gets some head-fiers interested enough to give them a listen, and I am open to any feedback. Especially negative feedback.

    I wish I had more time with TOTLs and could directly compare them to the FD02 again. Especially the Andromeda, because it was impressive in some way, but then again not in others.
    And I wish @crinacle could have a listen to the modded FD02. It would be very surprising if he'd rate it higher than the Andromeda, but I am curious.
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  14. cfc7
    A quick comparison between N3 and FD02?
  15. surfgeorge
    Well, the XBA-N3 was actually the one IEM I was seriously considering buying when I went to e-earphones the day before leaving Japan, so I gave it a good listen.
    I did compare it more to the EX800 though, since they have more in common and I was wondering if it would be worth having both. All that said I have to go by memory

    From my memory the main difference between the N3 and the EX800 was mids and treble, which sounded smoother on the N3, you could hear the BA detail, refinement and texture, and I liked it a lot, actually preferred it over the EX800 but not by much. The EX800 mids can be a tiny bit hard and the treble can be too hot at times. Bass was relatively similar in quantity on the N3 and EX800, don’t remember much about the quality.
    The FD02 (modded) is a little brighter than both the EX800 and the N3, but in modded form by no means bright. It still has very good bass quantity and quality, balanced. The thing that stands out is that I feel it combines the resolution, detail and refinement of BA with the dynamics of a DD. It’s extended, detailed, energetic, yet just smooth enough to never sound harsh (if it’s not in the recording....)

    A track I used a lot for comparison is Stravinsky’s “Firebird” as it covers a wide range of frequencies and instruments, has some really difficult violin passages and it is a real challenge to convey the speed and energy of the piece.
    I don’t know all the names of the instruments in english, but the FD02 is doing an excellent job at reproducing each and every one of them, with speed, attack, the right timbre and just the right amount of bite in the treble, sharp, but pleasantly so, not painfully. And the bass slams fast and hard, it’s really energetic.

    I liked the N3 and if I had to pick between it and the EX800 I might have taken the N3 (despite Crinacle ranking the Ex800 much higher)
    But if the choice is between FD02 and N3, without a doubt I’d pick the JVC.

    Hope that helps a little...
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