Just listened to some Fostex T50RPs today... WOW!
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Jan 3, 2007
I auditioned a pair of these at a local audio store this morning. I heard that they are based on Orthodynamic technology and was really curious about what an Ortho sounds like. I plugged them into my Sony NWZ-A816 MP3 player without expecting much at all. The seller at the store told me that they are "just OK," and I certainly believed him - the price tag on them said "$149", but I knew that these can be bought for even less online, so "hmm yeah..." I thought, "...these are probably just another typical studio monitor in that price range, like Sony V6 or Senn HD280Pro and have all those typical flaws in their sound as well..." But once I plugged them in and hit "play" on my Sony, I was like . How the heck could something so inexpensive sound so damn great?! I was totally blown away by how realistic they sounded! The best thing about these is the mids I think - they are just sooo even and natural! I listened to some of my favorite instrumental and jazz through them and all the instruments and vocals sounded like they were right there beside me! The transient response and clarity of this headphone was also incredible - I've never heard anything quite like this before. The detail resolution seemed even better than that of my ES3X, since I could hear details in the music I've never heard before! The bass seemed to extend very deep and the highs sounded a bit subdued, but still really detailed, clear and natural. Now, this is the first time I've listened to Orthodynamic headphone, so take my impressions with a grain of salt.

Does anybody else here love these guys? I am about to order a pair off ebay. For only $70 + shipping they seem like an incredible bargain for the sound that they produce. I honestly don't think that any armature or dynamic driver based headphone at that price even begins to approach these Fostex cans in sound quality.
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I honestly think the T50Rps are a fantastic pair of headphones at an unbelievable price. They sounded good straight out of the box and great after a little bit of damping.

The way i like to describe them as among the most balanced, detailed and natural sounding headphones out there at any price.
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Yep, the most realistic mids, great for vocals sounds like pure magic...I just sold my T-20 V2. I would like to try the new T50, as well the vintage T50.

Wouldn't we all
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Honestly, listening to these almost made me cry that I wasted over $1k CAD on the ES3X. I thought T50RP sounded better than the Westones in almost every way - at least when both are driven by my Sony Walkman that is.
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Come join us in the ortho thread

The mids you are describing are why i love orthos. Even if they arent as good as other cans in other areas (extention and such), their timbre especially in the midrange is what always pulls me back.

The T50rp (the latest version form the last few years), is a special can, because its actually the most technologically advanced ortho driver around. It has been designed using computational FEM analysis and optimization of its magnetic field using computers. Theres an article about it posted somewhere in the ortho thread.

I hope one day the person holding my T50rp's ransom in USA will send them over


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Honestly, listening to these almost made me cry that I wasted over $1k CAD on the ES3X. I thought T50RP sounded better than the Westones in almost every way - at least when both are driven by my Sony Walkman that is.

Orthos get even better with more powerful amps, so prepare more tears for your iem's

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Are they colored, flat & neutral? Only thing I like about the Ortho's I had is the smoothness, & the detail is very natural sounding.. Overall, I still prefer dynamics.. But I haven't heard the best ortho's around, so can't really make a judgment on them.
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How's the lower and upper end?
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How's the lower and upper end?

I thought the bass on the T50RPs extends very deep and the treble is very well extended. The bass sounded tight and the treble sounded very detailed and fast, yet very smooth and non-fatiguing.
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Here is more info that will explain few things: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/2763467-post12.html

I've read all about them. ourfpshero said that after he put a disc of foam (or felt, can't remember) in them, the bass quantity increased substantially.

I had the T40v2, the "meh sounding" modern production ortho. The OP is mentioning the T50RP, also a current production ortho. I believe smeggy had a pair that he extensively modded (and woodied).

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