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JRiver Media Center 18

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by blackstonejd, Dec 23, 2012.
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  1. anoxy
    I think I've asked this question already several months ago, but if not here it is:
    Using a DAC/Amp right now, is there any way to not use JRiver with exclusive access? When I go to the output settings and uncheck "Open device for exclusive access" I get errors when I try to play tracks.
    I'd just like to be able to use MC and listen to music while playing a game with audio enabled, or pause MC and watch a youtube video without having to first close out of MC and then re-open the browser tab. 
  2. Theogenes
    I've used JRMC in the past w/out exclusive access and didn't have any errors. What kinds of errors are you getting? 
  3. Chodi
    Here is a link to Audio Switcher:
    I just pinned it to my task bar and end of problem. I can easily switch without going into the control panel. Works for me on Windows 7x64 but they have other versions.
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  4. anoxy
    This is the type of error I get when I set it to WASAPI and uncheck " Open device for exclusive access"
  5. Theogenes
    I'm definitely no expert here, but it looks like you're attempting to pay a 32-bit 96khz file-- is that something that your DAC supports? 
    Also, WASAPI ends up being problematic in some setups-- have you tried using ASIO or another driver type? 
  6. Chodi
    Just click on your embedded warning message here and you will get my response. I posted it in the wrong place. It's attached to your photo. Actually, I didn't even know we could do that kind of posting it's kind of neat.
  7. Angelbelow
    What does everyone think of Jrivers Adaptive Volume? I have a fair amount of Metal and classical music. The dynamic range varies quite a bit. Even within the Metal genres, you can have a DR of 4 and 10+ depending on the genre/band.
  8. mnarwold
    If by adaptive volume you are talking about the replay gain then I can say it does a pretty good job. It has two different options, setting volume based on album, or based on track. If you listen to whole albums and don't do playlists then the album version works great. The downside with the track version used in playlists is that some tracks are designed to be louder or quieter than the rest, but this isn't such a big deal really and is pretty rare.
     If you're thinking of purchasing, I can say it is definitely worth it. I balked at the idea of paying for a program when there are suitable free ones all over, but after I tried it out, I knew it was worth it. 
  9. jarrett
    I'd leave it off for Classical, it doesn't work well. When I used it in works with several short tracks (Stravinsky, Sibelius), the amount of - / + db throughout varied wildly. It doesn't reliably preserve the dynamic range.
    It's a good feature for other genres though (adaptive volume > peak level normalize, and make sure audio analysis is enabled when importing)
  10. StudioSound
    Use Volume Leveling, not Adaptive Volume. Make sure your tracks are analyzed.

    The peak level normalization is for when your amp can't get loud enough.
    The night mode/small speakers are varying degrees of dynamic range compression - which you definitely don't want if you are listening on a good pair of headphones.
  11. mnarwold
    I suggest using "album based" under Mode and using "none" when it comes to adjustment. It makes your music quieter, but if you have a decent amp it shouldn't be a problem. The other adjustment options will make the music full volume, but will almost always lead to massive clipping on classical pieces because of the high dynamic range. I had one test where a rock song was peaking at 75%, and the classical was mostly at 50% except the loud parts of the song where it went above 300%! 
  12. anoxy
    Sorry if this has been asked before, but can anyone tell me why JRiver 18 can't play anything less than 24-bit files when I have "Open device for exclusive access" unchecked. If I check that box, I can play all files. 
    I would prefer to have it unchecked so I can pause and listen to other audio sources like youtube without first closing out of Jriver.
  13. jarrett
    I think just stopping the track is enough for exclusive access.
  14. Clemmaster
    How is that device setup in windows? Any chance you set it to 24/48 or 24/96 there? If yes, try to change it to 16 and see if that changes something.
    Also, are you using Kernel streaming? If yes, again, did you set it on 16 or 24bits?
  15. anoxy
    Yo I love you JRiver, but stop trying to steal my money with these stupid incremental updates. 
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