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JH Audio Layla Impressions Thread

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  1. bflat
    I don't know, SR15 may run up some bills from your chiropractor with that crooked screen.
  2. JimmyPlant
    It's a bit strange and I'd prefer it as straight and with a bigger screen but it does sound great
  3. eugene2
    I use either my computer with a Hugo2 or Onkyo Dap with Roon, sold my AK 320 my custom fit took a couple of days going back and forth to JH audio in Orlando. After my fit felt perfect we went back and forth between my custom and their universal I felt a big difference between the two. In particular the bass was tighter and more articulate, piano attack was much crisper. I play Sax and I heard a distinct difference when listening to woodwinds. They have a box of tips so we tried several. Just my two cents...
  4. JimmyPlant
    Thanks for your time-much appreciated
  5. Jon1323
    Its definitely an expensive leap for what may seem like a small convenience but to me it was well worth it. I sold my universal Layla to help fund it plus with the 20% Crew discount coupled with last year's Memorial Day sale it wasn't too terrible.

    The other guys can probably help you more as I really don't use them with a DAP but instead with my Hugo 2 on my desktop setup. I use Roxanne for when I go portable with my Hiby R6.
  6. JamesPTao
    He patents everything now after logitech screwed him over and took his technology and designs. He learned the hard way after getting screwed over pretty badly
  7. tikue666
    Hey guys, just trying my luck here if anyone planning to let go a silver dragon cable for Layla with bass pod and 3.5mm termination? Thanks a bunch!
  8. Panohm
    New lower profile Layla coming out:
  9. rantng
    The first Layla™ launched as a custom earphone in 2014 and instantly became known as the audiophile “holy grail.” Since then, there have been two limited edition releases of universal fit Layla, "Carbon Fiber Edition," and "Full Metal Jacket.” Each generation stunned the market as the industry’s first full Carbon Fiber earphone and then the first full Titanium earphone available. The newest and third generation is the most exciting yet: Layla AION.

    AION represents Jerry Harvey Audio's past, present, and future achievements. We have taken the original Layla sound signature and combined it with our ever-evolving industry-leading manufacturing processes, plus our newest Patent Pending technologies and designs, to make the new Layla AION the best sounding and most advanced earphone available.
    Machined Carbon Fiber Shell
    12 Drivers per side
    Powered by soundrIVe™
    Sonic Tube Chassis™
    Acoustic Sound Chamber™
    Silver-Plated OCC Litz Wire Cable with 7-pin Connector

    JH Audio and Astell&Kern have proudly collaborated on universal fit earphones since 2014. Layla AION universal fit earphones plus Astell&Kern high-resolution players allow you to hear music how the Recording Artist and Mix Engineer intended.
  10. DeepSouth
    I'm a CIEM guy, and my DHC Fusion 4 pin cable won't work if I upgrade?
    I'm already moving on to 64 audio anyway, so it's moot.
    I know Layla has a bad reputation for being too large for a universal, so I hope it's a big seller for them.
  11. Edric Li
    7 pin connector lmao idk which cable company can mess with that
  12. jude Administrator

    If you can't see the embedded video above, please click here.

    JH Audio x Astell&Kern Layla AION Review - Head-Fi TV

    The JH Audio x Astell&Kern Layla AION is the latest edition of the legendary Layla, Jerry Harvey's flagship in-ear monitor. We take a look at (and inside) the new Layla AION to examine how JH Audio was able to re-design the Layla to maintain its legendary sound signature in a far more compact, far more ergonomic chassis.

    JH Audio x Astell&Kern Layla AION Review - Produced by Brian Murphy, Joe Cwik, and Jude Mansilla

    The measurements included in this video were made using:

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  13. bflat
    Remember when everyone thought $2400 for Layla 1 was ridiculous? Now if they somehow keep the price of the AION the same, it will be a “bargain”. Probably going to be $2999 or more though. Now if they would offer the JH Crew discount that would nice. The new connector is both good and bad.

    Edit - AK website says $3499
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2019
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  14. pinkzeppelincult
    Why exactly is an improved universal fit, supposedly with the same sound, worth nearly $800 more than a custom fit? Are three extra pins that important?
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2019
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  15. aminus
    There’s something funny about how a reasonable price jump prediction was made and promptly decimated. Bravo JH and AK.
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