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Jam band fan role call

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  1. pelli
    That's awesome!  I bought a bunch of Benevento Russo Duo shows back in the day.  I gotta get out to hear JRAD
  2. CSdread
    Ok so I was at the last night Ween throw down reunion show and I have 2 things to say

    1) Whoa that was loud
    2) ??!??

    Not even really sure what happened. It was very loud and I would say even at time the sound was "bad" making resolution of individual instruments impossible. Then other songs could have reasonable sound balance and then back to no sound balance.

    And my final note about the show. My buddy and I did not know if a) it was just us thinking the sound was bad and it was really great b) the sound was bad and the band did it on purpose because they are ween and wrote all this music to annoy us in the first place and here ya go c) there was general equipment issues with monitors and mains that caused the show to be the way it was.

    We are not really sure, either of us, which is the case.
  3. coastal1

    Awesom, wish those guys played near me more often
  4. CSdread
    Have any of you guys heard the new livephish release for 1996-11-07 - Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY? The mastering seems way way off. Super compressed and very not crisp and clear. I have tried 3 DAC/AMPs and 2 headphones and I cannot get it to sound good at all. 
    Haven't heard that recording but I do have a band I really enjoy (Gordian Knot) and have the same issue with the recording. The only place I can listen to it is in the car...I don't know how a good band can end up with such a bad sounding recording.
    Kills it for hp's that's for sure.  [​IMG]
  6. CSdread
    I feel like Phish has always done a good job with sound quality on the official releases and also at the live concerts. It seems just most recently (last 2 including this one) the releases have not been mixed well and compressed a lot. This one being the worst of them. I hope it is not a trend.
  7. coastal1
    Hmm, haven't heard this one.  I think the Amsterdam release sounds great.
  8. Arsis
    In case you guys were unaware of this site:

  9. pelli
    Scored some LCD Sound System tickets for this summer!!
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  10. CSdread
    Lets do a real roll call, what concerts is everybody seeing this summer?
    For me its:
    Turkuaz in Taos, NM May 4
    JRAD in Aspen, CO July 2
    Phish at the Gorge July 15,16
    Phish at Dicks Sporting Goods Labor Day weekend
  11. 13713
    Phish in LA on the 22nd of July.
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  12. Arsis
    Dave Matthews Band May 28th Atlanta :D
  13. Arsis
    I watched LCD@MSG today. Great show!
  14. pelli
    LCD Red Rocks
    Phish Dicks floor x 3
    Richard Cheese at the boulder Theater next week
    Probably both nights of STS9 at red Rocks in September
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  15. coastal1
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2018
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