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Jam band fan role call

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  1. bortlett
    My calendar so far:
    Phish @ Mann
    Hot August Music Fest
    smaller shows TBD
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  2. pelli
    Summer Updates:
    Wen't to Steely Dan and Steve Winwood on Monday.  Both still sound fantastic!
    7/2 - Thievery Corp
    7/3 - Dead and Co.
    8/3 - LCD Soundsystem
    8/19 - Poolside
    9/2-4 - Phish Dicks
    9/9-10 - STS9
  3. joemama
    Going to see Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration w/Warren Haynes 8/9 and WSP at the Mann on 9/11. Yea!!!
  4. Arsis
    My wife and I saw the Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration w/Warren Haynes a few weeks ago in Atlanta. It was really good but the crowd was exceptionally loud and rude.
  5. 13713
    Phish in LA was awesome. They are still magic.
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  6. pelli
    I couldn't make the Red Rocks Warren Haynes GD Symphonic so I'm Jealous!  LCD was incredible though and still holding on to a lot of tickets for the end of summer.  Can't wait for Phish Dick's!!!
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