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Jam band fan role call

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  1. Arsis
    Calling all fans of jam bands. Gather here to swap live recordings, show stories, recording tips and other info.
    Disclaimer ~ Not really a "jam band" but man these guys can jam when they want to. Talented group.
    Saw Gov't Mule back in 2013 at the Newport Yachting Center with a couple of good friends... was center stage 2nd row. It was an awesome show by a great band. Check out the link for the actual show archive recording. Sounds bassy but still enjoyable! Mule rules!
    check out track 7
  3. joemama

    Cool site...shame the tunes aren't downloadable, but it makes for good fun looking for them.
    Used to go see and/or tape Mule from 1999-2001 in NYC/NJ/PA when they were the power trio. Sadly, I haven't gotten the urge since Allen Woody passed.[​IMG] Here's a show I attended:
    Yea, Allen Woody the original bassist was so so good...I love the Mule's first discs that he played on. Mr. Big is one of my favorite tunes that bass line is it. 
    They were great live though even without him. Warren is such a great guitarist and vocalist it was cool seeing them live and I'd go again if they come around. 
  5. joemama

    Woody was awesome. I remember seeing him playing guitar in an off-shoot band called Blue Floyd with Marc Ford (Black Crowes), Johnny Neal (Allman Brothers), Matt Abts and a bass player whose name I cant remember off the top of my head. Unreal show, especially his facial expressions[​IMG]
  6. Arsis
    Love Gov't Mule. I saw them once but the details are fuzzy. Funny how that happens.
    @cadcam are you familiar with Railroad Earth? They are from the NE U.S. Maybe Connecticut. A college friend of mine has been their sound man for years. I'm going to a show in a few weeks.
    Acoustic jam, psychedelic bluegrass. They call it bluejam. I'll look for a good youtube link.
  7. joemama
  8. JimJ
    A friend of mine turned me onto Mule when I was in college. I've seen a few post-Woody shows and they've been pretty good :)
  9. Arsis
    What's your favorite cans or iem for live recordings?
    I like my Senn 598 cans and Knowledge Zenith ED10 iem.
  10. CADCAM
    Not familiar with the band but checked them out quick on youtube and they seemed worth checking out more. I'll give them more of a listen when I've got some more time.
    Always looking for good music.
  11. CADCAM
    I like my HD600 & DT880's...different but both really good. If you like the ED10 try the ED3 Acme Youth edition. For 12 bucks they are awesome after a lengthy burn-in.
    My favorite KZ's are the ED9 brass, HDS1 and the ED3 acme.
  12. CADCAM
    Checked them out a bit more on youtube and I like them! Great band...thanks for turning me on to some new music Arsis.
  13. Arsis
    Bonnaroo 2004 is on AXS tv for the next 3 hours.
  14. Arsis
  15. Arsis
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