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Jam band fan role call

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  1. joemama

    Where are you getting AUDs from? I'll take a well recorded FOB over a SBD anyday.
  2. CSdread
    I have a few decent ones and a few bad ones. But for me the HD FLAC from livephish are as good as being there, Front of board with a quite audience. The sound at the phish shows seems a caliber above the other jam bands. JRAD at the filmore had good sound but I was all the way lookers right almost on top of the speaker. The audio system they use for Dick's every year seems to have some the best audio resolution I have heard ever. I can see the vibration of Fishmans symbol on my mind with that setup. Or it's Something else helping me feel that way. :wink:
  3. coastal1
    I have some Phish posters. Have the Phish Big Cypress Tree of Life framed. Also have some GD50 Fare Thee Well posters. Probably going to get the Helton Train artist edition framed. Actually have a Helton foil China Cat artist edition (run of 50) that I'm going to sell and would take reasonable offers (retailed for $200, would take less than that)
  4. CSdread
    Love the Cyprus tree of life that is one of my favorites. I have a rule that I lonely buy posters for shows I have been to... And with the biggest regret, I was not at the greatest concert ever played in the modern era. :frowning2: though I did get to magna ball which from my friends who attended all the festivals was their second favorite in a unanimous vote. That drive in set sounds soooooooo good with my HE-400i. One thing I noticed speaking of sound and Magnaball is that the sound system at the Dive in stage had seriously better sound than the main stage. A few of us (even non audiophile phans) felt the same way. Of course I was greatful that it had such balance and resolution for such an important set in the phishverse! :wink:
  5. coastal1

    Etree as JRAD shows, as well as tons and tons of other stuff obviously. They even have the Halloween show and I don't remember seeing tapers, but I was up front and having a real good time.

    There's a good Etree mobile app too, though only in MP3, which is too bad and kind of ironic bc I remember an old Etree sticker that said something like 'Friends don't let friends listen to MP3'
  6. joemama

    Too much of an old fart luddite for the app scene. I'm an etree junkie myself[​IMG]
  7. coastal1

    Well, guess you can sit back and enjoy the FLACs and not worry about the MP3 issue :grin:... I do like the app bc you can dl stuff to your phone and not worry about data charges when travelling. Obviously FLACs take up more space, but I got a 128GB iPhone for a reason
  8. coastal1

    Yes, the '97 Amsterdam HD FLAC release is not only a great run of shows, but one of the best sounding live jam band shows I've heard.
  9. CSdread
    I am on the back of the worm! Do you know where you are? I love that Amsterdam release. That was a joyous day.
  10. coastal1
    Fwiw, I use Sennheiser HD650s (only good headphone I've owned). Interested to try the HE-400i and others people like for this music.

    Have a Bottlehead Crack + Speedball and more recently acquired and have been using the Cavalli Liquid Carbon. Using the Ifi Micro as DAC (and occasionally as DAC/amp).

    Also use Sennheiser Momentum in ear for running etc
  11. CSdread
    Oh man how is the Cavalli? Where did you get one? What did you pay? If you don't mind me asking.... I dream of owning those with either the Ether C or the HD800 either way really....
  12. coastal1

    I got the LC for $600. This was the recent run of their first more affordable amp. I haven't heard any of their top models but love this, so much that i may get rid of the Crack, which lots of people here highly recommend with the HD650. The LC is small and very light but very powerful. Great soundstage, instrument separation, very good bass, great detail and clarity but still very musical. Quite happy with it. I've really enjoyed the Crack and it matches the LC in some ways but to me it doesn't beat it in any way, except I do like looking at the tubes. The LC has a balanced out that I'm using and may make the biggest difference, though the SE sounded better than expected on brief listens out of curiosity.

    I've read incredible things about the Ether paired with the Cavalli Liquid Carbon, want to hear it, though my wallet may not.
  13. pelli
    Sector 9 was rocking this weekend! They sound great with the new bassist.  She is much funkier than Murph and honestly I have some long standing personal beef with that guy which is part of why I stopped seeing them for a while. Worth checking out some recent shows if anyone likes electronic jam.  
    For setup preferences I like listening to phish SBDs with my LCD-2/Mjulnir combo.  For older dead and audience recordings I prefer my HD-650 from my vintage kenwood or Darkvoice, It's a little less revealing and adds a nice nostalgic warmth to the music IMO.
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  14. CSdread

    I wish the rest of the bands would get on the bandwagon Phish is on with the High Res files. It is amazing to be able to listen to the best jams in 24/98 FLAC. 
  15. bortlett
    JRAD was great last night. They go deep early and often.

    I haven't seen Marco Benevento share the stage with Joe Russo since the GRAB tour. Those two have such great synergy. Russo brings out an edge in Benevento's playing that I haven't heard in his solo stuff. The duo was one of my favorites in the mid 00's, so it was great to get a little taste of that again. The rest of the band (especially Metzger) bring it too.

    Scarlet>Fire>Rider was a pretty nasty set 2 opening segment.
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