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Jade II Discussion

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by oneguy, Sep 30, 2018.
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  1. Sound Eq
    now why stats over planar or dynamic headphones

    simple listen to coldplay -- fix you -- song, good luck enjoying it on planars or dynamic headphones

    stats deliver this and spreads everything apart to make sense of you are listening to,, unlike the chaos when listening to it on planars or dynamics

    jade 2 delivers effortfully on this song
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2019
  2. franz12
    Did you ever hear Jade 2 with the Hifiman amp?
  3. Deftone
    Ive learned that even a headphone with very smooth and rolled off treble like the Hd650 can sound fatiguing and thats because of the upper mid forwardness. Maybe a similar thing happening with the Jade?
  4. Deftone
    Lucky man, im a side sleeper so full size headphones is no go lol.

    Next product on the market, unique pillow shaped for sleeping in cans.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2019
  5. Dobrescu George
    Pretty much in line with my impressions :)

    Although I do think that LCD-MX4 shouldn't be thrown out of the list, I did EQ it for the best music results, but it takes EQ like a champ and you can do well with it as well. Currently playing with LCD-2C, but it isn't exactly in the same price range as Jade II , I wouldn't expect it to be similar or better :)

    You may enjoy Arya quite a bit

    Man, Jade II is light and comfortable, I have came to appreciate this a lot recently...
  6. Sound Eq
    can i ask did the bass become less during burn in period after 50 hours, as I sense the bass got less than when i first bought it, when i first bought it it had more low end presence than now
  7. Dobrescu George
    I'm over the 50 hours mark now, and I don't feel like that is the case, the base and punch seems to be pretty much the same :)

    If anything, the bass now reaches deeper, which may change its character a bit (?)
  8. chimney189
    That may be so, but it may be because the volume level was just simply too high for the recording at the time.
  9. Takeanidea
    I received the Jade II Electrostatic Headphone System yesterday. I had a chance to put in 45 minutes of critical listening so far. These have been sent to me for review purposes. I have the RE2000 Silver Flagship IEM from Hifiman too, I received that 2 weeks ago. I own a pair of HE6 Planars, these I have had for 4 years. I have Mega and Supermini DAPs from them. Also, I've heard a lot of Hifiman products, including Susvarra, Shangri La Jr and Shangri La. I'm a fan of them, but as they're one of the top players in our field, most people would be.
    I haven't any other electrostats at present, but have owned several Stax Earspeakers previously. I am one of the few people out there who've had a Sigma Pro Panoramic Earspeaker. I owned that for around a year, I've sold it long since.
    Therefore, I have nothing to truly compare the Jade II with. I hooked up my HE6's to the headphone jack of the Benchmark Dac1 I own. That delivers a ridiculous 10V to the output. I connected the rca outputs to the Jade II Electrostatic Amplifier. That way I could volume match and hot swap between the electrostat and the planar. The HE6, in my opinion world class, was no slouch against the Jade II. It had slightly more slam in the bass. The upper mids had some viscerality compared to the Jade II. But overall, the electrostatic technology won through. The Jade II was smoother, went lower and had a wider, more natural sound stage, with vocals, in particular,feeling much easier to follow. The lightness of the headphone, due to the lack of magnets needed, was a pleasant surprise. The headphone amplifier has a 21 step potentiometer, and is powerful. I got it to 5 clicks, using a Lampizator Dac4 as a source.
    This is a superb setup.
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  10. Deftone
    Very nice George
    Dobrescu George likes this.
  11. Sound Eq
    well done, i am using my jad2 with stax 007tii amp and love it

    the way mids are portrayed makes the jade2 a hit

    i have the following headphones:

    1- 007 mk2 which is the best sounding among all headphones I have regardless stat or planar. This has everything, the bass, mids , details and sound stage to just make you feel in awe, compared to anything else. It is literally perfect. It has an atmosphere that just draws you into the music like no other headphone does. It is the only headphone that invites me into closing my eyes and just get lost into music, so it is a very special experience and I call it my ritual headphones, as its so dam amazing and I respect it alot. I keep my 007 for certain occasions when I just want to hear absolute bliss and I am in the right mood, so this is why I call it my ritual headphone, as I prepare the setting for it
    2- hifiman 1000 Se which is the planar and takes the second place regardless stat or planar, close to 007mk2, but more detailed but there is the loss of the magical atmosphere that is in 007, it has bit more bass and sub bass, as for mids and highs are different than 007 and I give those to the 007, biggest difference is that atmosphere in 007 is a bit missing from the SE. But its such an amazing headphones that beats all planars or dynamic headphones I ever owned
    3- tough call between jade 2 and stax l300 le, jade 2 has wider soundstage. The stage on l300LE is taller and more clear mids, each has its own strength. So its a draw and both take 3rd place. I like them both alot, its a joy to own different stats as each has its own uniqueness. Both have less bass than 007 mk2.
    4- MX4 is amazing and for electronic music beats all the above, of course it works with all genres but it shines with electronic music, it has more bass than all above, but a less detailed than the SE and 007
    5- stax 407 which has more bass and sub bass than both jade2 and l300Le which was so surprising, mids are good, details are good as well, but its not Jade 2 or L300LE level, but great entry into stax
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2019
  12. Takeanidea
    I listened to a lot of Coldplay when I had them at the house. Passed out while that smooth music traveled around my head. It was awesome.
  14. DarKu
    Hey guys,
    My review is also live and my video review as well.
    Beyond awesome headphones! I just wish they had a better bass slam and a headphone stand in the package.
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