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Isone Pro - the best thing you could ever get for your headphones on your computer

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by lunatique, Feb 22, 2010.
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  1. Crman
    Hello guys 
    Sorry for asking this if it has been asked already but the thread is super extensive.
    Could someone explain me how to install Isone? I downloaded the plugins of TB Isone page but I don't know how to make them work.
    Shouldn't I have to install something to have the program working? Where are all the controls and the program that appears in the Isone's page?
    I'm sorry for asking a question like this, but I really don't know how to do it.
  2. gevorg
    What music player do you use? Isone is a VST plugin that needs a compatible host player, such as Foobar2000 (with foo_vst) or JRiver Media Center.
  3. Crman
    I usually use VCLplayer to see my 2D movies and Kmplayer to 3D. Are they compatible?
    To have the Isone's display like in the pictures you don't have to install nothing?
  4. gevorg
    Only if they have support for VST plugins, otherwise no. You will need a VST-compatible player to display Isone's interface.
  5. mkeroppi
    What I'm looking for is a hardware VST device that can load and process Isone. Any hints?
  6. Priidik
    Vst Adapter 2.4 (Hydrogenaudio) is the best choice for foobar2000, some players have the environment built in (like JRiver).
  7. rsbrsvp
    I have done extensive testing with TONEBOOSTERS ISONE and REDLINE MONITOR 112DB  in Pure Music 2.0, Fidelia, and Audrovana Plus.
    Both programs work flawlessly in all three music players-  but you need 2.0 version in Pure Music.
    I have come out conclusively that Redline Monitor is substantially more realistic, transparent and just believable.  In addition- there are less options allow for simpler fine tuning.
    Toneboosters sounds more like a reverb program where Redline creates a much more believable soundstage which to my ears does not harm the frequency response.
    For my LCD-3 my settings are as follows:  Center- .5     Soundstage- 60      Distance-1.5
    Now that I have Redline Monitor-  I cannot listen to music without it...   Toneboosters had pluses but the negatives were to much to make it worth to use.
  8. Lunatique
    You can't really compared them, as that would be unfair to both. Redline Monitor is not a HTRF plugin, as it's just a crossfeed, unable to create the illusion of listening to speakers in a room with proper acoustic response in relation to the physiology of our ears. Isone on the other hand, is meant to create the illusion of listening to speakers in a room, with realistic simulation of acoustic response according to the physiology of your ears, and it is also far more feature-rich, able to simulate a wide range of listening spaces, different types of speaker monitors, has extensive presets and allow far more customization.
    Redline Monitor doesn't change the frequency response because it isn't a HTRF algorithm. If the developers added HTRF feature to Redline Monitor, it would also change the frequency response, because in realistic physics, when soundwave bounces around in room and interacts with the shape of your ears and ear canals, the frequency response will change--that is how reality works. Isone is not trying to screw up the frequency response in any way--it is simply reproducing what the music would sound like in a listening space with realistic acoustic response that interacts with a pair of human ears. It is not a reverb algorithm with crossfeed--it is Head Related Transfer Function coupled with realistic room simulation.
  9. rsbrsvp
    Thanks.   I don't understand the technicalities of these programs.   All I know is what my ears are convinced by.  Toneboosters does in fact reproduce a fantastic soundstage- it is just that something sounds synthetic about it to my ears.  On Redline- I don't get that sense.
  10. Chodi
    Isone also has 3 crossfeed presets that do nothing other than providing three levels of crossfeed while bypassing all the other features. If it is only crossfeed you want Isone can deliver.
  11. rsbrsvp
    Redline sounds just as much like realistic soundstage to my ears as Toneboosters-  just without the "bouncing off the walls" effect.  I realize Toneboosters may sound more like speakers because of this but to me it looses some of the intimacy and purity of the sound that headphones are known for.   
    Toneboosters in crossfeed mode only- does bypass the "bouncing off the walls feature"- but it sounds a bit smeared to my ears.  Redline sounds purer.
    I am not looking to imitating speakers exactly.   If I wanted that- I would get speakers.   I like the delivery of headphones in general- I just want to move the sound slightly out of my head without damaging the tone or purity of the sound.  
    For those looking to imitate speakers while using headphones- I agree Toneboosters gets much closer because of the acoustic reverberations.
  12. Sweden
    I never could get Isone to sound right with any Audeze, unless I put distance at 0 and used it more as a crossfeed. It just messed up tonality too much and degraded the sound for some reason.
    The HD800 is another story. I can't even imagining listening to the HD800 ever again without this program.
  13. Chodi
    I totally agree. When I owned the HE500's I could never get them to work with Isone but with my HD800's Isone does magic. It is also good with My T1's.
  14. rsbrsvp
    Isone does great things for soundstage- but at the end it ruins the purity of the sound to my ears. Something is just wrong- although I cannot describe it in words so well.   It is a compromise that I am not ready to make.  Maybe if I knew the exact settings that would be perfect for my headphones and my ears - MAYBE it would be O.K.    But I dont and I don't know how to figure it out- just way way to complicated.
  15. bogi
    With my HE-500 I prefer Redline Monitor. Musical instruments sound me more focused, detailed in comparison with Isone Pro.
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