Introducing the LCD-i3
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Introducing the LCD-i3


Audeze announces the new LCD-i3, successor to the extremely popular iSINE 20 and “little brother” to the LCD-i4. The LCD-i3 features sonic improvements over the iSINE 20, with Bluetooth, Lightning, and standard 3.5mm connectivity included. By using the Magnesium housing and grill design of the LCD-i4, the LCD-i3 reduces unwanted resonance and offers improved resolution over the iSINE 20.

The LCD-i3 will be priced at only $899 USD retail and will begin shipping on August 23rd.


LCD-i3 Connection.jpg


Included with each LCD-i3 are the Audeze CIPHER Lightning Cable, Bluetooth Module, and standard 3.5mm cable, providing incredible connection versatility that delivers audiophile sound quality through any device.

Featuring a Bluetooth 5.0 chipset with integrated support for AptX and AptX HD, our CIPHER Bluetooth Module delivers low latency 24 bit wireless audio that has been optimized for even the most discerning ear.

LCD-i3 Comfort2.jpg


Our brand new Ear Fins are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit within the concha bowl of the ear. For those that prefer the traditional iSINE fit, our redesigned Ear Hooks now curve inward along the back of the ear to ensure superior fit for ears of all shapes and sizes.

These new accessories come included with every LCD-i3 and are fully compatible with all existing Audeze in-ear headphones! Current iSINE or LCD-i4 owners interested in purchasing the accessories separately can do so through the iSINE accessory kit.

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interesting, and wonder how it compares to isine20 and how fit and comfort are better
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As someone who is very interested in this, does the cable use a standard 2-pin connector? That's what it appears from the picture. Gonna have to get me an aftermarket 4.4mm cable for this.
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Will wait for reviews ...
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I don't get why the cypher cable wouldn't be USB C.... That is a pretty big deal, all new phones are USB C.... Why would they do that on a 900 dollar product. Lame.
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These are so beautiful. In the Star wars, Battlestar Galactica, 70-80s kinda of way.

They score high points for that. Too expensive to buy though =P

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