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Introducing NightOwl Carbon & NightHawk Carbon. Next Generation Headphones from AudioQuest

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  1. Mediahound
    FYI, my video review of the new Perch headphone stand, over in that thread:
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  2. Soundizer

    May I ask when Perch will be available in the UK?

    Thank you.
  3. EtRec

    Can you please tell me how to get a good 4pin balanced cable for the NightOwl for my Schitt Jotunhiem?. Thanks
  4. Kukua
    lavricable grandmaster out of Europe, pound for pound the best in the world in my over 40yr audiophile experience and knowledge.
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  5. raypin
    Mm...picked up a Nightowl Carbon just a couple of hours ago from my favorite headfi drug dealer :flag_ph: (Egghead Audiohub). Impressive mid-fi closed-back. Love the non-aggressive, relaxed tuning that sounds just right for chillaxing. Smooooooth...The build quality is impressive as well. Very comfortable to wear (right up there with the HD 800). The manual says 150 hours of burn-in. Light on the pocket. Easy to drive. Big in sound quality. Engaging. Potentially a portable masterpiece.
  6. lentoviolento
    i find nighhawk carbon harsher than the owl... is it possible??
  7. lentoviolento
    they are very sibilant
  8. MattTCG
    I've been enjoying the NO for a few months now. Although the isolation is just average, this is a very enjoyable headphone. In some way, perhaps several, I prefer the NO over the NH. The NH was only semi-open to begin with. And not as much mid-bass hump on the NH. The signature seems more balanced with better mids. 
  9. lentoviolento
    i find nh more fatiguing than the owl. maybe i get a flawed piece? or it will be better after a long burn in?
  10. Darren Cotter
    What is the difference on the sound from pre to post burn-in?
  11. ngoshawk

    Here's my take: think of wearing all of your winter clothing on a cold winters day, where the sun sets at 1630...mind you some like winter.

    Then, think of that first warm Spring day at 70F, where you shed absolutely all of your clothing...uninhibited, you frolick through the fine warm day, honestly and openly...THAT would be post burn in.

    With my NH's I listened throughout the process, and cannot verify SCIENTIFICALLY, that the change occurred. With the NO, I listened initially, then let them burn for 150hrs, WITHOUT listening again, until the finish.

    I did notice a difference, one which I cannot verify; but to me the sound was more open, les veiled and presented itself as an honest sound. If you have the body of a supermodel (good quality music), then the sound is great. If you have the body of a middle-aged man (ME!, poor recording); then it does not hide deficiencies.

    I really like both the NH and the NO, period. Hope this helps...:beers::sunglasses:
  12. USAudio
    Where are the Audioquest NightHawk Carbon headphones made?  I see they were designed in California but are they also made there?
  13. nwavesailor

  14. floeezy
    I am looking for a more compact hard-shelled carrying case for these headphones. I've heard that the included case is very nice; however, I am looking for something more compact to carry the nightowls around with me.
    Has anyone bought a third party case? Any recommendations would be much appreciated!
  15. Soundizer
    Are there expectations for Audioquest iem's for 2017 with similar sound signature to the Nightowls?
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