Introducing NightOwl Carbon & NightHawk Carbon. Next Generation Headphones from AudioQuest

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  1. Hifisnubben
    Asked the seller, Venture Electronics ( the monk+ earbud maker ) wich would fit the nightowl.


    only tested hd700 one by a fan ,it works,he400i one might but never tested

    Look what I found on AliExpress

    Pretty ok prices and they seem well made.
  2. Soundizer
    Excellent review.
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  3. Kramer01
  4. Mediahound
  5. kenshinesca
    I'm looking for someone that may want to get rid of their Suede earpads that came with their Carbons or Night Owls

    This may not be the right place to ask but I figure this is the most likely place for me to get a pair of earpads. Please pm me if you have some you want to get rid of will pay 25.00 for a pair of them.
  6. ipponrg
    I just got my new Nighthawk Carbons. My main was previously the AKG Q701. It's an interesting sound signature. I took it for a spin for 5 minutes on some EDM and rock music. The sound is very punchy in your face, but it's not as punchy as my Grados 325e. There is some sibilance, but I suspect after burn-in that will subside quite a bit. Right now just like ALL my previous headphones, it's pretty harsh. However, it has an excellent sound stage and the details are pretty amazing so far. Only 149 hours more to go for burn-in.
  7. BlueEmperor
    How do you compare them to Q701?
  8. ipponrg
    Q701s to me are very very open. The soundstage is tremendous as if you are in a concert hall. The caveat is you don't feel much of the bass, and occasionally the mids/highs clash with each other.

    The NH Carbons to me are much less open and more direct. There is some soundstage to it, but it's more like being in a small room. You definitely feel the bass. The mids/highs are much more distinct compared to the Q701s.

    The Q701s are much less thumpy compared to the NH Carbon. The one major difference is there are a lot of low end things happening that were not as visible in the Q701 compared to the NHC. Keep in mind that the NH Carbon comes with 2 types of earpads: 1 pleather and 1 suede. They each change the sound signature a lot. The pleather makes the NH Carbon sound more like a closed headphone, where all that juicy goodness slams right in your ear with not much room to aire out. The suede on the other hand allows some leakage (which is my preference since I like open back headphones), but still keep some of the low end there.

    As people have said, the NH Carbon is more dark. The Q701s are definitely brighter. I find the NH Carbon works well for rock and electronic music. It's very tight, and sometimes it's a little too tight. I suspect with more usage, my ears will adjust and it will be not as tight.

    The Q701s dont take time to adjust to get used to. The NH Carbon always takes my ears 15-20 mins to adjust for some reason when wearing. I'm not sure why. I haven't really been counting burn in time since my last post, but on average I probably burn in 1-3 hours a day. When I do listen and once my ears adjust, they are delightful, and it's hard to take them off. I want to keep playing with them.

    For gaming, the Q701s are still a little better than NH Carbon when it comes to directional sounds in FPS, but my ears are starting to adjust better.

    In conclusion and going back and forth between the 2 on a day to day basis, I wish the NH Carbon was slightly warmer. It's taking me a little time to get used to it, but overall it's been a pleasant experience so far. There is a slight addiction that I have to the sound signature. I can't articulate it well with words, but hopefully this helps give some perspective
  9. BlueEmperor
    @ipponrg Thank you very much! Thats really insightful comprasion, from that you say they have a sound signature very much to my liking, I must give them a try. However I should first try to find a good amp and source with decent synergy, something that is warm yet with big soundstage and great imaging. Seems like tube amp could be awesome pairing with nighthawks. Can I know what are you using to drive them?
  10. ipponrg
    I'm just using this to drive them...

    You don't really need a lot of oomph to drive them which is pretty nice.
  11. BlueEmperor
    Thats why i think low power tube amp would be good, thank you for all the info!
  12. Devodonaldson
    The Audioquest cans ARE/CAN be very warm, in the most pleasant sense of the word. You just need the optimal earpads for that sound signature. Don't know why Skylar gave in to pressure, but the BEST pads for these cans are the original hybrid earpads. Wider soundstage, and treble is sparkly, present, and most importantly NATURAL! Listened to many different genres and switching between boost and hybrid, boost pads bite with crisp unnatural, sometimes sibilant treble. Hybrid pads give you that speaker like sound that you want. $49.99+ shipping, well worth it.
  13. Tex Irie
    Has anyone done comparisons between the Nightowl Carbon and The Audeze EL-8c, Sony MDR-Z7, or Mr. Speakers Aeon? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as I'm going to purchase one of these for use at work. I am currently burning in the Nightowl Carbon's but have 148 hours to go.
  14. figgyburn
    Bought the nighthawk carbons over the week end.Current headphones hifiman he400i's.A bit of a difference in sound but so far i am loving how these phones sound.Very old school 70's sound which fits me perfectly as i think the 70's were the era of music that i love over all other era's(old git here).Ex demo pair and i did not ask but, i would assume that they had a few hours on them.Got them for £400 so £200 off the retail price full warranty.The most comfortable headphone i have ever worn which is a great bonus when long listening sessions are in order.The suede pads are to me far better that the pleathers as they lower the bass which in turn makes the highs that little bit clearer.I had just bought a audeze deckard as i was going to audition a couple of audeze phones to go with the deckard but upon hearing the carbons i will look no further.I think the amp may be a bit of overkill for the carbons as they are very easy to drive but thankfully the deckard has a low gain switch and they sound great with the deckard which has to me a fairly neutral sound.. Listening to other phones will just take me further down the rabbit hole of never being happy with your gear.Rock On.
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  15. mbwilson111
    Yes, don't fall into the rabbit hole. I could have, should have(?) stopped a year ago when I got my NightHawk wood. Love what you said about old school. I think that is exactly it!

    Climbing my way out now.
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