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Introducing NightOwl Carbon & NightHawk Carbon. Next Generation Headphones from AudioQuest

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  1. inthere

    It's the cable, I have the same problem. Use another cable and it'll be fine
  2. jake92695
    Any recommendations for a new cable?
  3. knowhatimean
    Check out ImpactAudioCables (they look very reasonably priced & a few people on this thread have had good experiences with them)
  4. inthere

    I've gotten several cables off Amazon, just look for cables for the Sol Republic, Oppo PM-1, or Sennheiser HD 700.

    A lot of the cables are very similar or exactly the same, but priced a lot cheaper if you search "Sol Republic" instead of Oppo or Sennheiser.
  5. Ultrainferno
    I'm actually using the Hifiman Edition X V2 cable with my NightOwl
  6. WayneWoondirts
    The owl made quite an impression over at HFN... see here
  7. Venture Guy
    Thanks for the pointer! The review supports the emerging consensus that the microsuede pads provide a reference tuning and the boost pads spice things up a little bit. 
  8. Mediahound
    Seems like vaporware. 
  9. knowhatimean
    This isn't an issue of any real importance (It will just save me about 20min of exploratory disassembly), but, are the open cell damping pads still being placed in the earcups of the NO as they were being placed in the NH ?
  10. SkylarGray
    It's most likely not the cable.
    Most (maybe all?) headphone manufacturers have these types of issues with smartphones. The problem 99% of the time is that there is dirt/dust/lint/debris in your headphone jack that needs to be cleaned out.
    Turn your device off. clean out the jack thoroughly with an alcohol wipe and something like a paper clip or a small pipe-cleaner-like brush. Be extremely careful. Also give the cable plug a good polish with the included silver polishing cloth. 
    Try this and report back.
  11. SkylarGray
    Patience my good friends. We finished up our production on schedule as I mentioned here:
    During CES we said the ship-to-customer date would likely be in February. It looks like we are still on schedule.
    We will have them in stock either next week or the week after.
  12. saudio7
    The cable provided with NightOwls is quite a bit disappointing when I try to use it with desktop setup.
    Is there any chance that Audioquest will have in the offer longer not portable cable for sale (maybe balanced)?
  13. aqsw
    25 Ohms , Darn. OTL tube amp lovers need not apply!
  14. sabloke
    I bought a $15 cable on ebay, should be delivered today. You can get it from 1.2m up to 2.5m long. Don't expect silver plated oxygen free copper at that price but it should work OK


  15. sabloke
    Got the cable. Works week, weighs close to nothing. Won't last as long as a two hundred bucks cable but then it doesn't have to
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