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Introducing Lotoo PAW Gold

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by audionewbi, Nov 30, 2014.
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  1. headwhacker
    looks like LPG’s screen quality is just bad. Mine has some weird vertical lines if I set the brightness too high.
  2. musicday
    I think that is probably due the type of OLED screen they used. Now after many generations they have been improved and no such problems occur.
    I am hoping that Lotoo will provide an official explanation for this.
  3. Quadfather
    Do these screen issues occur with Diana?
  4. golov17
    So far so good.. P71021-200711-001.jpg
  5. MH01
    IMG_4229.JPG [​IMG]

    Hey guys.

    Since we are talking screens. Anyone experienced anything like this ?
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2017
  6. twister6 Contributor
    Oh, cool! Your LPG is trying to communicate with you in Morse code! :D
    acap13 and MH01 like this.
  7. musicday
    That's bad, looks like some pixels are dead? How long did you had it? Contact Lotoo and see what they say. I see faults with the screen now that years before didn't, so obviously the type of OLED used has a rather short life span :frowning2:
  8. MH01
    I've recently bought a second one (used) . And has this fault. My first one is fine. From reading this thread it seems the OLED has issues for various people

    Would anyone know the contact details for lotoo? Site is all in Chinese .

    Last edited: Oct 21, 2017
  9. justrest
  10. MH01
    Thank you very much
  11. audionewbi
    If anyone is able to hewr back from them please let us know what was the outcome.
  12. headwhacker
    How did you know the screen has improved in the latest batches? I just bought mine last January. Do you have inside info how Lotoo sources there screen?

    Also what makes you say it’s an OLED screen? OLED doesn’t use backlight. If brightness is set high, the unlit leds stay black. LPG’s screen doesn’t resemble anything like an OLED but rather a color LCD with backlight.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2017
  13. headwhacker
    brightness set to high, the vetical line are visible especially in a list screen. The colors are overalllooks washed out. Looks like the first ever generation of color LCD looked like

    Brightness set to medium, the vertical lines are not much more visible and the colors looked better

  14. MH01
    If you look in the manual it's a 1.8 inch color OLED 160 * 128. Yeah, it's amazing how they got OLED to look like a first gen LCD.

    Lets be honest, these displays will not last as long as the player. I like the ****ty display is a way... very retro
  15. headwhacker
    Well the manual may have been translated badly. OLED does not need a backlight.
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