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In Ear headphones

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  1. BassLoverDK
    Hello everyone!

    I am currently looking for some in-ear headphones with some good bass to play some dubstep or trap. My budget is around 200€ and 275$ and they'll have to be available in Denmark (Europe). And of course they'll also have to play other genres pretty smooth too:)

    Thanks in advance!:)
  2. cripple1
    Check here for info: http://www.head-fi.org/t/715697/the-audiophile-bass-lounge-basshead-club-part-ii

    While it is a bass oriented lounge, it is audiophile bass, so most stuff posted here won't be overly bloated and would play pretty well across all genres, in my opinion. There's a list on the first page. Just scroll down to the IEMs portion of the list.
  3. BassLoverDK
    Thank youuuuu:D
  4. cripple1
    No problem! Hope you find something you like! My personal favorites, though they aren't on the list, and while not being super bass heavy they still have enough bass for me, are the Shure se215 and Westone W3 I just picked up a few days ago. I mostly chose them because they are the only brand of in ears that seem to fit my mutant shaped ears. Lol
  5. BassLoverDK
    So, i checked the list of IE-headphones and found 3. The Denon AH-C300, a pair of Sony XBA3 and the Shure SE315. They all seem pretty cool and should be able to deliver some delicious bass. Anyone who can recommend one of them?

  6. BassLoverDK
    Oh, forgot the Pioneer SE-CX8-K, how about them?
  7. cripple1
    I've heard good things about the Sonys, but the Denons seem favorable, from the reviews I've read, but I haven't tried them myself. Do you use EQ on the go with your portable device? If so I can recommend the Westone 3. With my ipod and E07k and the bass pushed all the way to 10 on the E07k they actually thump.
  8. BassLoverDK
    I do use EQ for more bass, yes. But what do you mean with "the bass pushed all the way to 10"? I can't chance the power of the EQ, and i have an iPod (4G) too. But, you're saying that whether i buy the Sony or the Denon i will get good stuff?
  9. BassLoverDK
    *i can't change to power of the EQ, and i have an iPod too.*
  10. mark2410 Contributor
    location matters you know, seeing you like i are in countries that have been arround longer than 20 minutes things are priced quite differentaly than in the US.  basically you want bassy and in the EU your go to is the IE80.
    its way cheaper in europe and whats been otherwise suggested is rather more expensive over here than in the US.  the IE80 is the IEM you want
  11. cripple1
    Sorry, I meant that I use an amp with my IEMs. All my headphones, in fact. With my FiiO E07k amp/DAC attached to my ipod, I could boost the bass quite a bit. It has multiple settings for bass boost with 10 being the highest.
  12. cripple1
    Are the IE80 the ones with the tuneable/adjustable bass? If they are, and they are cheaper out your way, then those might actually be a perfect suggestion for him.
  13. BassLoverDK
    I've looked att he IE 80's but are they worth using 100$ more than my budget?
  14. BassLoverDK
    Link to the FiiO E07k amp you're talking about? #Toolazytogoogleit
  15. mark2410 Contributor
    they do have a tuneable bass thing on them but i dont think anyone uses it, they set it to max because if you didnt want lots of bass you wouldnt have bought it in the first place.
    as for price, no that guide may list them at the US price of US$450 but in europe they are vastly cheaper.
    a quick look pulled up  http://www.hifigear.co.uk/sennheiser-ie80-headphones.html  they seem to have gone up a bit since i looked last but still worth streatching to.  if you want awesome and big bass its simply the best at it in the IEM world.
    ooooh brain fart, check german amazon.  et voila  http://www.amazon.de/Sennheiser-504771-IE-80-In-Ear-Kopfh%C3%B6rer/dp/B005N8W27I  189 euro and they have the mic'd verson too for the same money.
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