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Impressions Thread about obscure BUDGET Chinese DAC-AMP (Best finds Reference List)

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  1. Slater
    The blue thing is a power transformer. You often see those "big blue" transformers in amplifiers that use LPS.
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  2. young59
    @Nymphonomaniac Why not give the Zishan Z2 a try it has the ak4490 chip its a dap that can iirc also function as a DAC+AMP when connected with usb and it's under 50$.
    And if you have already tried it do give some impressions.
  3. NymPHONOmaniac
    Cause I make the mistake buying a DAC-AMP with AK4490.....should have go for the Zishan Z2 ....a Walnut V2S will arrive soon tough, cause of amp section....did the Z2 can be a stand alone AMP as well? And can we change folder with it cause I already have a Xduoo X1 than can't and don't like this aspect of the player.
  4. young59
    No the Z2 cannot function as a amp only but I think the previous iteration Zishan Z1 could but it had lower hardware you can take a look if you want but I think the walnut V2S would perform much better and it has a balanced out.
    I don't remember but either on the Zishan Z2 or the walnut V2 thread people were pairing those together.
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  5. NymPHONOmaniac
    Yeah, Walnut V2S look very interesting and I like the fact it have more buttons to press hehe, and the changing OPamp is what interest me mustly, but its a player too....I don,t think there a balanced output, just normal 3.5 lineout, the Walnut F1 is a amp with both 3.5 and balanced output.
    Zishan Z2 is near double the price of walnut V2s (25-35 vs 50-60), but the sound of AK4490 is quite fabulous and worth investment, and it look likeyou can change folder too with Z2 so it give a welcome searching freedom. Z2 can be use as external DAC trough USB, this is why I feel stoooooopid that I have bought the Xmos AK4490 DAC-AMP wich is a pain in they ass to make working properly, and that I cannot suggest to buy for anyone but electrician that want to upgrade it. Well, lesson learned, you can pay 18$ for a dac-amp that work perfectly and do not need driver or external power and can give little amping too, and you can pay 35$ for something that is just real DIY crap that cannot be use by average consumer and isnt explaining properly this fact (be aware that HIFI College Aliexpress shop aren't very collaborative with confuse buyers).
    EDIT: Finally HIFI College take my complaint more seriously and answer me this:
    The company looked at your purchase history.
    Already agree with your plan.
    ALI will refund your money in 1-15 days''
    I think they will refund me 15$ because I was just trying to have something back....well, its better than nothing. Its 20$ throw in garbage, but if my electrician skill became more serious, I will go back for a project cause YES some compenent are very interesting in this.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2017
  6. NymPHONOmaniac
    Okay, please came back here and share pictures. Fellow headfier suggest very interesting DAC-AMP that use TOTL sabre chip ESS9038.....can be mustly found in 1000-1500$ audio gear....the 9018 is still considered quite phenomelnal (by me and others) so I can't imagine how good it can sound if well implemented!
  7. NymPHONOmaniac
    About NX4, I think the seller isnt telling the truth. Its the only one saying there a ES9038 DAC inside....all other tell decoding chip is SA9226.
    Perhaps this guy is FOS.
  8. xenithon
    Has anyone perhaps had experience with the (relatively new) Xduoo TA-20 balanced headphone amp? Looks like a balanced hybrid / transformer coupled design, with 12AU7's as preamp/driver tubes. The TA-10 seemed quite decent as a DAC/amp whereas this is a pure balanced amp delivering up to 2W (32 ohms).


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  9. groucho69
    Beautiful isn't it?
  10. maxxevv
    You're perhaps too quick to jump to conclusions there.

    If you do a quick search on Aliexpress, you'll see at least 5 listings on the updated NX4. All from known sellers, not new 'pop-up' stores. (just look for the ones with the updated US$159.9 prices. )

    Last edited: Dec 10, 2017
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  11. NymPHONOmaniac
    I adore Xduoo company, and did heard lot of good stuffs about their amp or dac-amp....not tested any unfortunately. This look quite promising I must admit!
  12. NymPHONOmaniac
    Kind of true....but they should at least have something to help consumer don't make wrong decision, like, NX4S or V or I don't know what, cause...tis quite a BIG upgrade here!!! So, okay, i'm....very curious about this. I nearly buy NX products like....5 times. Now, they get serious for real!
  13. young59
    Yeah sorry about that I mixed the Walnut V2S with the Walnut F1.
  14. Ted Presley
    Actually, it's called NX4 DSD, the upgraded version of original NX4. The newer one uses ES9038Q2M chip.
  15. groucho69
    I got this in an email:

    Dear friends,

    We’ve previously received a lot of enquiries regarding the absence of balanced output in AP200, thereby, we decided to make a truly balanced amplifier to fit your needs.

    Hidizs DH-1000, a dual balance native DSD DAC/Amplifier is not only able to assist your AP200 in balancing the output, but also turn any of your devices into a HiFi music player. For details, please refer to our product landing page.
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