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    Tube amps for Grados

    Hello everyone. I would need some tube amp recomendations for grados Grados in question: SR325x currently Tonal balance: balanced/flat/neutral Budget: Im thinking mid range so max 600$ (Would be nice for cheap wordwide shipping) Any help is appreciated. :ksc75smile:
  2. Woo Audio WA23 Luna Headphone Amplifier

    Woo Audio WA23 Luna Headphone Amplifier

    Overview Since the introduction of our flagship amplifier WA33, we challenge our engineers and design team to develop a compact version with an entirely new look that packs an unbelievably great sound to match. Say goodbye to boring black boxes of Hi-Fi equipment. The all-new WA23 LUNA...
  3. goldwerger

    Decware // Reference ZMF OTL

    Hi everyone! This thread is intended to be dedicated to the Decware // Reference ZMF OTL tube amplifier, the result of a collaboration between ZMF and Decware, two leading bouqitue brands of headphones and amplifers, respectively (both hailing from Illinois). Since posting my review of this...
  4. Anode Acoustics PCL82 № 1 Tube Headphone Amplifier

    Anode Acoustics PCL82 № 1 Tube Headphone Amplifier

    Anode Acoustics is a boutique audio electronics manufacturer based in New Delhi, India. They specialise in handcrafted headphone and speaker amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, and power amplifiers too. The Anode Acoustics #1 HP AMP is a tube amplifier designed for high-end headphones between 32 ohms...
  5. matthewhypolite


    TRANSITION TO SPEAKERS, TUBE MAGIC! INTRODUCTION I've been a headphone listener for the past 2 decades, starting with my very first pair of hifi headphones the Grado SR60. Since then I've crept up the line of absurdly priced gear all the way up to what I consider my end-game headphone stack...
  6. TSAVWayne


    From TSAV. The Torrance Store Front Will Be Closed Friday & Saturday This Week, But Will Reopen In Irvine This Saturday & Sunday For CanJam 2021.
  7. P

    Tube Preamp vs Amp

    Currently I'm using a tube preamp into an 887 so I can control it with the input button instead of plugging and unplugging my headphones. All things being equal, would there be any benefit to running a separate amp over a preamp? I guess I'd be comparing something like getting a Bottlehead...
  8. TSAVWayne

    MHA200 Tube Headphone Amplifier (In Stock & Available For Demo)

    From TSAV. In Stock & Available To Demo In Our Headphone Bar, The New MHA200 Tube Headphone Amplifier. For more info, go here.
  9. Dilvpoetry Tube-T7 tube Headphone Amplifier

    Dilvpoetry Tube-T7 tube Headphone Amplifier Max power output:1500mW/32Ω Power supply DC12V Frequency response:20Hz-20kHz(±0.5dB) S/N Ratio::≧105dB THD:0.05% Audio Inputs:RCA*1;XLR Audio outputs:XLR;6.35MM Packing size:L310*W280*H70MM packed weight:1.2kG
  10. Alchemy_

    6SN7 and Octal Equivalents Reference Thread

    ~6SN7 and Octal Equivalents Reference Thread~ THIS THREAD IS BEING BUILT AT THE MOMENT My original plan was to start with a very complete thread, but I kept running into inconsistencies with my findings. Over the next few days I still plan to add a large amount of scraped data, but with...
  11. Manley Laboratories Absolute Headphone Amplifier

    Manley Laboratories Absolute Headphone Amplifier

    Class A Reference Quality Triode Tube Headphone Amplifier / Preamp, switchable between Single-Ended and Push-Pull, adjustable Negative Feedback, three gain settings, 4 pin XLR output, 3 selectable impedance settings, switchable mono / stereo, left / right balance, defeatable bass / treble EQ...
  12. TSAVWayne

    Tube Headphone Amplifier (McIntosh MHA200)

    The new MHA200 tube headphone amplifier is now in stock & available for demo at The Source AV Design Group in Torrance, CA. It is an exciting new product to check out.
  13. Ayon HA-3

    Ayon HA-3

    Tube Headphone amp Ayon HA-3 II Class of Operation Pure Class A, SE-Triode Tube Complement 2 x AA45 Mesh, 2 x 12AU7 S/N Ratio > 100dB (unweighted) Input Impedance 50 kΩ Frequency Response at 32Ω 15 Hz – 35kHz Harmonic Distortion (at 150mV ) < 0.01% Channel Separation L/R > 89dB...
  14. OctavianH

    Tube rolling thread | UltraSonic Studios

    Tube rolling thread | UItraSonic Studios (for amplifiers with tube rolling add-on and different custom features) (Infinity with tube rolling add-on | UltraSonic Studios, picture taken from here, all credits to @SonicTrance, specs at point 1) below) Version: 15.04.2023 - 2.1 - added remark...
  15. B

    Tube Amp Ideas Roughly Around $2000

    Hello Head-Fi community! I have an RME ADI-2 FS PRO BE and am looking for a nice desktop tube amp around $2000 to power my headphones I have for Cans: Abyss Diana Phi ZMF Verite C Audeze LCD-X I am wondering what would be a good tub amp pairing to go with my DAC I am looking for something...
  16. MRHiFiReviews

    Nautilus Flagship Personal Audio Tubed Integrated Amplifier AmpsandSound

    This is the place to discuss the Nautilus Flagship Personal Audio Tubed Integrated Amplifier AmpsandSound “The Nautilus is our flagship Personal Audio Tubed Integrated Amplifier. The Story of the Nautilus is born of the same process that brought the Zions. We set out to build my private amps...
  17. A

    Suggestions for tube amps also able to drive sensitive speakers (94dB +)

    New member here. I've noodled around the site, enjoyed reading a few threads, and would like to make use of the forum's expertise. I'm hoping to listen to more music through headphones, but still want a tube amp capable of driving efficient speakers to reasonable levels. Will 8 watts/channel be...
  18. Little Dot MK III SE

    Little Dot MK III SE

    Little Dot MK III SE is a hybrid and fully balanced amplifier, you can think of it as the ultimate upgrade for MK III series. It uses 6922 as its preamp tubes(6922/ECC88,6DJ8); Transistor part runs on a fully discrete, fully symmetry, and pure class A circuit design; The machine is balanced...
  19. Aanta

    Tube rolling 'Darkvoice' La Figaro 336 classic.

    I got the updated Darkvoice model, the La Figaro 336 'classic'. I knew from the start that the original tubes were far from adequate, in fact nearly any tube amp is a DIY job to get it right. (With the exception for a few super expensive headphone amps.) So swapping tubes is a good idea better...
  20. Gemtune PA1502A APPJ

    Gemtune PA1502A APPJ

    Tube: 6N4 + 6P6PX2 Input: RCA Jacks Input Impedance: 10K ohms Input Sensitivity: 800mV Output: 6.3mm Jacks Output Impedance: 8 to 600 (Japan Z11-EI48 * 24 Output Transformers) Output voltage: 18Vp-p Frequency Response: 30-30Khz (+ -1db) Input AC Voltage: 100-250V AC Power Consumption: 27W AC...
  21. AthenaZephyrian

    Desperation strikes--ghetto heatsink

    I was fiddling with the gain setting on my Little Dot I+, and it occurred to me that the op-amp was running pretty warm, perhaps warmer than typical for solid states, and that I'd seen people running metal op-amps with heatsinks. I had a plastic-shelled op-amp, which isn't conducive to heat...
  22. Drty LilBits

    APPJ mini2013 6J1+6P1 Tube Amplifier

    Hi all, saw this on sale on Massdrop and was wondering if anyone has any experience with it. I have never owned a tube amp but thought about giving this thing a shot. It's currently going for a hundred bucks. Anyone have any input/opinions to share with this audio noob?
  23. EnsisTheSlayer

    Little Dot 1+ vs MK2 or other tubes

    Hi everyone! I'm a new and budding audio enthusiast who wants to get into the realm of tubes. I had the chance to audition a cheap (non-audiophile) turntable on my HD558s, and ended up really liking the mellower and non-fatiguing and interesting distorted sound (although I somewhat wish there...
  24. Hogcryat

    HD650 vs HD600 vs DT990 600ohm with Little Dot MK3

    Hi guys, I'm new here, and also a beginner audiophile, so please excuse my unprofessional wordings and kindly enlighten me. I will try to give as much detail about my preference I can (Although I am probably not very sure about my preferences as I don't have much experience listening to...
  25. baiyy1986

    The "WOW" Comboooooo

    I purchased my O2 recently for my first "baseline" amp, I should say it is a really amazing amp. But I was still searching for the "perfect" match for my headphone. After several searches online, I locate some of the headphone amps which lots of viewers would think "better" match for the HP. I...