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  1. N

    Fiio X5 Gen1 w/ HIFIMAN Sundara. Portable Amp without the Bottleneck.

    I have an old FiiO X5 Gen 1 DAC. I'm upgrading my monitors to the HIFIMAN Sundara. I'm seeing a lot of mid grade portable DAC Amps like the IFI Hip-DAC or the FiiO Q3. But all of these come with the price tag of an integrated DAC. (I've seen the portable amp ranking post, but it's severely...
  2. Little Bear B4-X

    Little Bear B4-X

    The difference between B4 and B4-X: B4-X is a dual-mono balanced version. Its left and right channel are amplified by independent components, and power supply, tubes, and op amp are all independent and symmetric. So the degree of sound separation is higher than B4. B4-X adopts 2 groups of...
  3. Sabaj DA3

    Sabaj DA3

    Sabaj Da3 HI-Res amplifier using the second generation XMOS USB Audio solution - XCore200XU208.PCM sampling rate support up to 32bit/768kHz, and up to DSD512 supported.Exclusive customized driver supported native DSD which is very advanced in audio range. Using two pieces of ultra-low phase...
  4. K

    Connecting multiple portable amps? Is this heresy?

    So I'm relatively new to this hobby (less than a year in). I'm trying all sorts of combos. Is this allowed? Or am I gonna burn something? Spoiler it sounds great! We have a BTR5 connected via LDAC to my android phone which is on max volume. The BTR5 is on high gain, max volume and is...
  5. T

    Is my Amp giving my Hifiman HE4XX the chance it deserves?

    I can't figure out if I need to try a different headphone or a different Amp. The Behringer P2 Amp Under the stats on the device it says " Max output: 2 x 100mW @ 16 ohms " Does this mean it is not powerful enough to drive my new Hifimans HE-4XX that require 35 ohms (it has 93 db/mW...
  6. Shabda

    ifi hip dac with dt 1770/1990/hd650?

    Hi All, I’m excited to be getting my ifi hip dac in the mail today to use with my dt 880 32 ohms but I am also looking to get a higher impedance set as well now that i have an amp of sorts, but does anyone know if the Hip Dac is powerful enough to work with the dt 1770 / 1990 or the hd 650...
  7. Shabda

    Amp advice for dt 880 32 ohm

    Hi All, I’m looking for a portable amp or maybe dac/amp to color my dt 880’s a bit. Would be nice if they were a little less dry 100-300 dollar range Anyone have any advice? Thanks!
  8. F700

    Romi Audio - The official thread

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased the Romi Audio BX-1 portable amp (known as LessFox BX-1) to give extra power and enhance the sound of my DAPs, the Calyx M and Dethonray DTR1. I am an "amp" man and really like the BX-1, especially considering the price/performance ratio and the built...
  9. S

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  10. A

    Looking for portable DAC/AMP for SE846

    Hello guys, Firstly, I am not an expert or an "audiophile". coming from Advanced Sound's GT3 Superbass as my daily driver IEMs, I recently purchased Shure's SE846, and I am pleased with how they sound. I use a Motorola Z2 smartphone for basically everything I listen to. When I plug into the...
  11. mrrhett

    Balanced Portable Amps per the Newbie's Guide

    "[Currawong's Note: This was written prior to the introduction of balanced portable amps as well as some others that offer close to desktop-level capability.]" Yo, I'm curious as to what this author's note is referring to in the newbie's guide. For those of you that haven't read it, context is...
  12. Xduoo XQ-20

    Xduoo XQ-20

  13. lamaslamas

    LCDi4 Amp recommendations

    I'm looking for a portable amp/dac or just amp, to pair my lcdi4 and Android phone/macbook, it should be something really portable, Bluetooth is a plus, ifi micro or similar footprint amp are way too big for my needs. I was considering the ifi xdsd or the fiio q5, maybe the mojo? I would...
  14. KESM

    The wireless gap narrows

    I’ve been chasing a workplace desktop setup over the years. I’ve burned through the Chord Mojo/Poly combo & Aune B1s (sold). My latest set up is powered by a dimunitively sized Vorzuge Pure II + analogue amp. I utilize MPOW aptx HD adapters for BT signal transmission & reception. The amp...
  15. iFi Audio xCAN

    iFi Audio xCAN

    Inputs Wireless ESS Sabre 44.1/48k 16-Bit (AAC and aptX) Wired 3.5mm and 2.5mm No USB audio input Max Output S-Balanced > 3.8V / 45 mW (@ 300 Ohm) > 3.5V / 380 mW (@ 32 Ohm) > 3.1V / 600 mW (@ 16 Ohm Balanced > 7.6V / 90 mW (@ 600 Ohm) > 7.2V / 800 mW (@ 64 Ohm) > 5.7V / 1,000 mW (@ 32 Ohm)...
  16. Wannabenewton

    Fiio A5 Vs nano idsd LE(lighter edition)

    One is just a portable amp the other a DAC with an amp I know, I'm just not so sure a DAC is that necessary for a beginner like me but then there's no harm in getting one especially since A5 and idsd cost the same but then idsd le outputs 150mw at 32ohm and A5 gives 800mw at 32ohm. I am...
  17. Oriolus BA300S

    Oriolus BA300S

    Product introduction: BA300s uses two micro-tubes to amplify, current-mode operational amplifiers with extended output and 4.4mm balanced input and output. Superior power management ensures the performance of the whole machine. The machine does not set the volume control. The gain of the whole...
  18. Danthuyer

    FiiO E12 Mont Blanc issues/replacement

    Hey Peeps, My E12 is getting onto about 4 years old now and has put in some solid hours and worked very hard during this time. Lately I feel the input/output jacks might be suffering from too much usage and I can hear slight distortion at times and or the balance becoming uneven. I find if I...
  19. AuneAudio

    Europe tour: AUNE B1s Fully Discrete Class-A Portable Headphone Amplifier

    Great news for European Head-Fiers! @tenedosian is organizing a B1s Europe tour! Sign up and get the chance to try out AUNE's latest class-A headphone amp!:) https://www.head-fi.org/threads/eu-tour-aune-b1s-headphone-amplifier-still-up-for-joining.870430/
  20. ceeloChamp

    Do DAPs Sound Good?

    Hey All, I have zero experience with DAPs, but I do have a lot of experience being annoyed carrying portable amps. I even have a Dragonfly Red, which is one of the most portable amps ever and it drives me crazy. Are there DAPs out there that can power hard-ish to run headphones and sound good...
  21. DonChuy

    Headstage Arrow 6TX, long wait...

    Anybody knows anything about when the 6TX will ship? I placed my order back in November 2016 and hasn't ship yet. We used to get updates on the headstage website under the headstage club but now the link is not working. I don't have a good feeling about this long wait and just hope that I...
  22. theminstrel

    Swimming before I could walk

    Hi Head Fi-ers I'm a relatively recent convert to the high-fidelity creed I've just ordered the JDS Labs O2+ODAC using some money gifted to me on Christmas, to use with my computer. I know they'll drive all of my phones well & are considered a great buy for the money The trouble is, I've never...
  23. AuneAudio

    AUNE releases the B1s Fully Discrete Class-A Portable Headphone Amplifier

    The new generation of the classic B1 series here! Better components, better tuning. Only 229 USD. Now available! AUNE official online shop: http://mall.auneaudio.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=18_46&product_id=40 Find your local distributors here...
  24. Notanaudiophile85

    Oppo HA2 SE Advice?

    I have a lot of learning to do and would appreciate your advice. I use my iPhone SE as my listening source and a pair of Sennheiser HD1 headphones. I listen to various genres on Spotify Premium. I tried Tidal but did not notice a difference in the sound quality so I went back to Spotify. My...
  25. E

    Serious Neutral IEM + portable DAC/AMP combinations?

    Hello distinguished audiophiles. I put my Sony XBA-H3s through the washing machine, so now I am in the market for a good pair of IEMs and, in addition, a good DAC amplifier that complement them. I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions. The XBA-H3s were fun to listen to, but they were...