diy amp
  1. NorthernBrewer

    Damaged Pre-Out - Possible to Fix?

    Hi, I purchased an amplifier with a damaged Pre-Out, see pitcures below. To me it looks like only the metal cap is missing. So is it possible to remove a metal cap of another RCA and mount it by pressure to the amplifier? Or do I need a new RCA that must be soldered to the amplifier? Image
  2. HiGHFLYiN9

    Sangaku DIY NuTube Headphone Amp / Preamp

    Great news for the headphone DIY community; Pete Millett has released his Sengaku design as a DIY friendly offering on his site: The original was a TTVJ offering in 2016 for $2K. Changes include swapping SMD for through-hole components and ditching the...
  3. RudeWolf

    KG CFA3 headphone amp

    If you frequent the DIY forum here, then there's a good chance you know about Kevin Gilmore and his contributions to the DIY design library. From Dynalo to Dynahi, to top of the line electrostatic amps like the KGSS and it's fancier cousins. Less known are his current feedback designs for...
  4. F

    DIY Cmoy Amplifier output problem

    I built a Cmoy amplifier as my first DIY amplifier project recently, based on Tangent schematic. After testing it, the output sound feels fading, wide and missing some of the sound, like some of the vocals and instrument cant be heard (not sure how to better describe it), but it doesnt sound...
  5. T

    Custom DAC/Amp/Amp Combo build (Odac/O2/252s)

    TLDR; Taking my current Odac/Objective 2 + Stax SRM-252s setup and building it into a single chassis, while adding VU meters. Please skip to the Challenges section, because I do need some help with this! Inspiration: Stax SRM-212 Protype (Showcased at CES2016) My imagination. The actual...
  6. viperman69

    Anyone willing to do some testing for me ?

    Hi everyone, I have a small amp that I put together. Couple different versions that I am planning on selling. I would like to post some really detailed specs about it but I do not have the necessary testing equipment. Would anyone with the right equipment be willing to do some testing and...
  7. NymPHONOmaniac

    Personal BEST DAC-AMP & DONGLES discoveries thread (Best finds Reference List)

    Ok Headfiers, this thread was sleeping and I decide to wake it up....since I have way too much dongles and DAC-AMPS that i didn't share impressions about (thanks to this 1 year pause due to pandemic). I want to make a kind of Best DAC-AMP quest here, for everything under 500$, it will take...