Impact of Incorrect Soldering of Triple drivers

  1. Designdude
    Hello Head-fiers,

    I have a random question for you all. If you had an IEM multi driver (one of those ones you see that have 1 or 2 drivers stuck together) would it matter if you soldered the pads incorrectly? By incorrectly I mean if you soldered a cable directly on to one of the drivers and not the central pad that they are all connected to.

    I don't have any electronics knowledge but I assume that it wouldn't make much difference and that the central pad is more of a convenience thing? I suppose there might be a slight delay and a tiny amount of resistance for a signal to travel to the other drivers but would this be noticeable or cause any damage to a set of drivers?

    I'm just curious to see what the knowledgeable people on here have to say.I'm here to learn.

    Thanks in advance for any response to this.


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  2. vixr
    I'm gonna assume when you say "central pad" you mean PCB...the PCB is being used to hold the drivers in a certain configuration so it fits in a housing. If you can see the trace and it runs to a solder point for a wire and then to the pin of the driver, then it would be fine to solder directly to the driver. You just don't want to let the driver move and change its orientation on the PCB. A picture would be nice and would probably get more responses...
  3. Designdude
    Thanks for the reply, very much appreciated.

    I'm new to all this so I'm going to be behind in terms of correct terminology for a while I think. :)

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