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im noob who need help about IEM

  1. hanchul
    hello every one my name Sean who live in Thailand so i have to say 'Sorry' because my English is bad
    first of all im using Cowon J3 and Head direct Re-0 and i found out yesterday that
    Left ear's sounds was gone . . . (used around 1 year) so i need to buy a new IEM
    i think im going to buy new Re-0 but i find out that Re-0's bass sound is too weak for me i need louder bass
    dose Electric Avenues PA2V2 < portable amps help out about BASS sound on Re-0 ?
    dose it necessary to buy portable amps for me ? while im using Cowon J3 and Re-0 ?
    when i was listening to Dream Theather file size '320 kbps' i have got  2 EQ setting
    1 for play max volume (40)  (80Hz (5) / 220Hz (3) / 780 Hz (1) / 3.0kHz (5) / 13 kHz (7) / BBE+ BBE(5)
    Match3Bass(3) 3d surround (1)
    1 for play midium volume (25)  (80Hz (8) / 220Hz (6) / 780 Hz (1) / 3.0kHz (5) / 13 kHz (7) / BBE+ BBE(7) Match3Bass(5) 3d surround (1)  << this setting EQ if i play louder then 25 the sounds going to Crash
    i just wonder that the ear phone that coming with  J3 can play louder then Re-0 but sure thing that Re-0's sound
    is much better.
    and i just wonder there is only me ? that setting EQ on J3 or i just Set up EQ too High thats causes my ear phone crash?
    any suggestion about my EQ setting ? or someone can teach me what im wrong..
    thank you very much
  2. mark2410 Contributor
  3. wyffels
    I have the FiiO E7 and have tried the bass boost on occasion. It will should give you the bass you are looking for. It will round out the bass throughout the range. I find level one is plenty for me, but you can go to level three if you prefer a greater amount of bass.
  4. hanchul
    Thank you very much for your answer ~~ :D
    then i'll go loocking for d AMP in my country :)
    thank u~~

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