iFi iDSD Micro DSD512 / PCM768 DAC and Headphone Amp. Impressions, Reviews and Comments.

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mlgrado, Jul 26, 2014.
  1. iFi audio
    From what this picture tells us, that knob is quite useful, isn't it :ksc75smile:?
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  2. Yethal
    Yeah, it definitely prevents accidental hearing loss due to improper volume setting. Now all I need to worry about is the nonaccidental hearing loss.
  3. gLer
    Hey guys, has anyone compared the iDSD Micro with the Audio-GD R2R 11? Would be interesting to hear how our little dac/amp holds up against a true multibit dac design.
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  4. Asukara
    I'm considering upgrading my dac/amp for desktop use only and I like to switch back and forth with my speakers. It will be used all day long.
    Is the iDSD Micro BL good for my kind of use?
  5. technobear
    It depends what you mean by 'switch'.

    There is no switch for this on the BL. Those RCA outputs are live all the time. The only switch chooses between direct mode (no volume control, no xbass, no 3D) or pre-amp mode where all the features are available.

    A better sounding alternative is the iDAC2 plus iCAN. The latter has a 3.5mm input on the rear which is linked directly to the RCA inputs so it also functions as a pass-through output - or you could use an RCA splitter.

    In either case, I heartily recommend the addition of iPurifier2 when funds allow.
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  6. thebkt
    If you're not going to need portability, then I can't imagine why you wouldn't buy a dedicated desk DAC/amp like the nfb-11 for example.

    The idsd bl is great, but you pay a premium for portability and other features that will be wasted if you're not using it on the go.
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  7. Asukara
    I actually have the NFB-11.28. So it wouldn't be that much of an upgrade?
  8. gLer
    No, if anything it's a side grade. All depends if you prefer the sound of the Sabre in the 11.28 or the warmer Burr Brown in the ifi. The 11.28 amp is better than the ifi however (not by much, but better), and has switchable preamp/fixed line out that the ifi doesn't. But the ifi has portability in its favour. And that beautiful DAC. I would however consider the R2R-11 - would love to get impressions of that amp/dac compared to the ifi.
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  9. Asukara
    I see, thank you for your answers guys :)
  10. Vitaly2017
    Hi coold some one help me out, if I use the micro idsd black with a itube 2 conected via rca, can I use an adapter for output directly to the headphones from the itube2?
    this is the adapter,

    Like I want that to be portable I guess there is no run around to get the power adapter so the itube2 get feed via side usb from the micro idsd bl for the power?

    any suggestions if this would work?
  11. technobear
    No. Definitely not.

    Edit: and the iTube2 doesn't run on 5 Volts so you can't power it from an iDSD and in any case the iDSD charging port is only available when iDSD is turned OFF.
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  12. goldsmith83
    I just bought a micro iCAN SE and a micro iDSD BL. I need a new good pair of headphones to make the most of these gears. Any suggestions for up to 600$ roughly? I listen especially to soft rock, synth-pop, hard rock, progressive but I enjoy classical, film scores, and jazz as well, mostly when the recording and mastering is good. In short I'd like them to perform well on any genres. Any help will be pretty much appreciated.
  13. phthora
    HiFiMan HE560. They are $350 right now at Adorama. That price is absurdly low for such an amazing headphone, and one that pairs brilliantly with the Black Label.

    On the other hand, I haven't heard anything that didn't pair brilliantly with the Black Label and it can drive everything. You can basically get whatever 'phones you want and not have to worry about issues with synergy.
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  14. TheoS53
    I just received the Sundara for review, and so far I'm liking it A LOT
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  15. goldsmith83
    You read my thoughts, the HE-560 is actually one of the options on my mind. That offer is mind-boggling, it beats by far the earlier best one I saw on a French online store (550 euro, $672) the lowest price I've seen in Europe for the HE-560, even in spite of the customs duty. Some time ago I saw them on amazon.com for $399 but I didn't decide on them at the time. The only drawback maybe is that, by some reviews I've read, they're a little lacking in the bass section.
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