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iFi iDSD Micro DSD512 / PCM768 DAC and Headphone Amp. Impressions, Reviews and Comments.

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mlgrado, Jul 26, 2014.
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  1. MLGrado
    I ran the benchmark on my custom server built around an overclocked AMD FX 8320 on an ASUS mainboard.  Result was
    It is more than capable of converting PCM to DSD256, but I get stuttering converting to DSD512.  
  2. pompon
    As stand alone dac (plugged directed to poweramp) how this dac stand ?
    Better than 1500$ mytek ?
    Better than Audio-gd M7 2000$ ?
    Better than ps -audio DS 6000$ ?
    Why not ? I see people using the nano on a very hi-fi system ... he was using high level dac / preamp and remplaced them with a simple nano! I don't know if he have ears or not ... this is another story! :wink:
    I just wait the regular version to be able to buy and have the opportunity to return if it's not compete my actual dac. Friend of mine have the same system I am using and heard the nano and found it very very good. He can't tell if it's better or not to his system because not enough time to listen it. It's was for the nano and it's why I want try the mini ... to make more chances to match / outperform my preamp (battery B1 with premium parts)/dac (yamamoto yda-01 with modifications).
    I know now, we can have a very nice dac. My friend have done a little dac under 100$ but direct comparaison with yamamoto he was standing very well but yamamoto was nicer and more refined ... but 80$ vs 2500$ ... humm humm...  it's why I ask something ridiculus like ifi Mini vs perfect stream at 6000$ ... why not ?
  3. earfonia
    That's something... oh man... I'm tempted [​IMG]
    Two questions if you don't mind:
    1. The coaxial connector for SPDIF works as both electrical and optical SPDIF in and out right?
    What is optical connector for the SPDIF optical?  The normal 3.5 mm SPDIF optical? 
    2. The 3.5 mm input at the front side, this is analog input to use micro as headphone amplifier right?
  4. ClieOS Contributor
    1. No. Coax is in and out, but optical is only in, not out ( = no optical-out). The same coax (RCA) connector is also for optical. iFi already included an adapter for it, but it is the same kind of adapter that plugs into the 3.5mm jack.
    2. Yes.
  5. earfonia

    Noted. Thank you very much!
  6. cvision123
    Thanks to Arts Excellence, I received my iFi iDSD micro last Thursday. I've been playing with it for the last couple of days. Coming from Harman/Kardon HD990, M2Tech Young, and DacMagic Plus, I must say I'm really impressed with this DAC. I don't have chance to try it in my speakers setup yet. At the moment, I'm using this DAC/amp combo with my headphones: Beyerdynamic T70p, Sony XBA-H3, and Sennheiser HD800. The source is a MacBook Pro Retina 15" (early 2013) running Audirvana, and a Surface Pro 2 running JRiver. The music is very detailed and natural. It feels like listen to a vinyl setup with added clarity on the top end and the impact at the bottom end.
    Thank you iFi for this wonderful product.
  7. ClieOS Contributor
    nvm, wrong post.
  8. maricius

    By impressive would you mean comparable to those DACs or better? :D At the least, they should compete with the DACmagic Plus. May they perhaps be comparable to those near $2000 DACs/CD Player?
  9. RadioWonder737
    I am using this to Bur-In my Micro iDSD...  I have it in JRiver on Repeat,24/7... Unbelievable bass and huge dynamics!
  10. cvision123
    These are my subjective feelings. To me, the music flows naturally. With other DACs everything is very clear and seems to be distinct without much interactions. With the micro, everything is still clear but there is a sense of interaction between the instruments that links them together to form a song.
  11. MLGrado
    Welcome to the Abbingdon Music Research/ iFi sound!!  
    Smooth, flowing, non-edgy, but yet somehow still full of life and detail!!
    It is worth noting that there are a few privileged ones who own the AMR DP-777 DAC, and consider it one of, if not the best sounding DACs available at any price.  iFi offers a nice 'taste' of that sound for not a lot of $$.  Maybe, just maybe, I will have enough pennies in my piggy bank to grab one of those AMR Dacs... until then, iFi will have to do :D
  12. MLGrado
    The Nano is a very nice sounding little DAC.   I am quick to tell people who can't afford more to just buy the Nano and be done with it.  
    The Micro is a very, very special DAC, though.  I think if you buy it, you will be keeping it!  
  13. MLGrado
    Today's update...
    Gosh, this iDSD micro is just in a word "LISTENABLE!"  It is non-fatiguing, and leads to those two and three hour listening sessions where you wonder where the hell all the time went!!  
    But don't mistake the above as meaning non-detailed.  While it may not be 'hyper-detailed' I never once feel any lack of actual information.  I think another good word is "BALANCE."  All just seems to be in its proper place.  Instruments sound natural.  Full bodied, rich, AND detailed and nuanced.  
    Also, if you are into DSD, or have a lot of DSD recordings/SACD rips like I do, a DAC that does native DSD conversion is a MUST.  In my opinion you haven't really heard DSD until you have heard it on a DAC like the iFi iDSD Micro. (or Nano for that matter)
    I am currently enjoying Valerie Gergiev conducting the LSO in a beautiful performance of Debussy's La Mer.  This is a native DSD64 recording with minimal or no PCM editing.  And it sounds like I am sitting first row center balcony in the concert hall.  
  14. roamling

    i am just having on of these 2-3 hours. there is one word "musicality". the sense of music flowing makes you forgett that there is electronics and wires. i have the micro iDSD connected via coax digital cable from my music streamer and then via rca with direct out to my Cyrus amp, love it!
  15. cvision123
    For everyone who is looking into buying this DAC... be careful!!! It just take 3.5 hours of my life listening to music. Time flies :).

    It sounds natural and some how makes my HD800 less fatigue for long period listening. The Sony XBA-H3 is famous for the bass and through this DAC/amp the bass seems to be more controlled in such a way that you don't have a single note bass and the coherence with the upper bass and lower midrange. The amp is really good and I think it's really capable of showing the performance of the DAC section. I mentioned the DacMagic Plus in the previous post and I think that the headphone section of ifi is much better.
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