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iFi iDSD Micro DSD512 / PCM768 DAC and Headphone Amp. Impressions, Reviews and Comments.

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mlgrado, Jul 26, 2014.
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  1. MLGrado
    Yes, and I agree that the Micro is uncommonly good at the price point when it comes to reproducing cymbals and similar high frequency instruments.  
  2. MLGrado
    Todays notes...
    After several days of listening to the Micro, I put the Nano back in for comparison.  I still own the Nano, and plan to re-purpose it for my mobile use.  
    Anyway, after extolling the Micro as I have, one might expect a great disappointment going back to the Nano.  
    Not so much.  The Nano is still an incredible value!  That iFi sound is still there in spades.  Being a native DSD DAC, it still excels with that format!  PCM doesn't have the smoothness and the sparkle of the Micro, but still has a nice, listenable, non-offensive sound.  
    So those of you with the Nano who aren't ready to go to the Micro, hold onto your Nano!   It is still the next best thing to the Micro.  iFi is in my opinion king of under $500 audio, no matter what side of the bracket you are on...
  3. ashutoshp
    good to know. Thanks.
  4. Jobbing

    Really? Then how would you compare the amp to the Vorzuge Duo and Pure II ?
  5. MLGrado
    Obviously I am stating an opinion.  I admit I have not heard every product on the market, but I have heard quite a few.  
    iFi stands above everything else I have heard at these price points. 
    I have not heard the products you mentioned.  What exactly are they?  I can't seem to determine if they are just an amplifier, or if they have digital capability.  If not, then I don't consider them directly comparable to the iFi integrated DAC/Amplifier combo.  
  6. john57
    The one thing going with the Vorzuge Duo is the more complete written specifications as compared to other makes. However it is an amp only device with a maximum voltage swing of 2.7v with a power level  30.63 mW per channel at 32ohms as one example on their page. That means it will not drive my planners at all, not with the strong peaks in my music. It sounds more in tune with sensitive IEM's
  7. technobear
    Dunno what a PURE II is but a VorzAMP Duo is just an amp and costs $520.
  8. technobear
    OK, so a PURE II is also a VorzAMP and it costs $565 and is also just an amp.

    So neither of these is comparable to an iDSD. It would be interesting to compare them to an iCAN perhaps.
  9. Jobbing
    You are right, the VorzAmp Duo or Pure are amps, no DAC, should have mentioned that. Actually what I was hoping for is to get a comparison between FiiO X5/VorzAmp combo's and X5(DAC incl.) with iFi Micro as I tried 3 days ago. Is the iFi Micro worth the money pairing with X5 and only use the latter as transport. Thanks!
  10. maricius
    Has anyone with the micro iDSD heard a Cypher Labs Theorem or a CLAS -dB / Duet rig? When I get my iDSD, I'll be comparing it to my Duet which is said to sound very similar to the Pure II in almost all aspects.
  11. earfonia
    I would like to read the comparison as well.
  12. rickyleelee

    My German from school is rusty but does Vorz Amp seem unusual?

    Roamling you spoke about german sheep translation?

    Someone who has a better grasp of German please correct me.

    As Technobear says, the Can is more comparable. On output specs of 3.2v output i think that i agree. Anyone with the nano Can? I dont have either.
  13. technobear

    The company is called "Vorzüge" which translates to English as "Benefits".

    "VorzAMP" is just a made up name.
  14. rickyleelee
  15. iFi audio
    How capable is your PC at playing audio?

    Some of you asked us additional questions regarding system checking with the JRMC Benchmark test.

    We ran this test on 3 different computers.

    Please refer to the table with comments below:

    Asus i5 Ultrabook laptop 
    Core specsWindows Experience Index:
    i5 CPU @ 1.7GHzCPU 6.9
    8GB of RAMRAM7.4
    Hybrid HDD/SDD 
    JRMC Benchmark 
    Plays DSD 256 and can play convert PCM to DSD256
    if moderate workload, no Photoshop or other resouce hogs
    HP Core-Duo II 2.2Ghz laptop 
    Core specsWindows Experience Index:
    Core Duo II P8400 2.2 GHzCPU 5.9
    4 GB of RAMRAM 5.9
    Hybrid HDD/SDD 
    JRMC Benchmark 
    Plays DSD 256 and can convert PCM to DSD256 but struggles with even
    minimal workload done while playing PCM converted to DSD256
    Desktop - Specially-Built 
    Core specsWindows Experience Index:
    i7 CPU @ 3.5GHzCPU 7.9
    16GB of RAMRAM 7.9
    SSD only 
    JRMC Benchmark 
    Plays DSD 256 and can convert PCM to DSD with normal
    Workload, can use fairly CPU/Memory intensive Applications

    From the results:

    1) The JRMC Benchmark Test is not the end all and the be all.
    2) Also use the Windows Experience test score (aim for 7.0 or above for
    CPU+RAM as other such as graphics are really relevant to audio playback)

    To conclude, it would be best to have a Win Experience test of 7.0 or above AND JRMC Benchmark of ~3,000.

    But do not lose sleep if the JRMC Benchmark test alone is not ~3,000.

    Ultimately, if your audio playback suffers, just take a look at both and they should provide good pointers.
    Good luck!
    iFi audio Stay updated on iFi audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/iFiAudio/ https://twitter.com/ifiaudio https://www.instagram.com/ifiaudio/ https://ifi-audio.com/ info@ifi-audio.com
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