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iFi audio Pro iDSD (Official) - NEW Firmware - MQA and more.

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  1. va1enr0y
    Can I clarify something here? So basically nothing has been changed since the beta and none of the ethernet connection stability issues have been fixed? I can't even sit through a 5-10 minute session of playing my DSD files without the audio dropouts occurring and MQA decoding has all the sample rate changing glitches audible at the start of the tracks. Please give us a glimmer of hope that there's a new Beta currently being released.
  2. webmi
    THX for the Update. Will update right now. :beerchug:

    Just a suggestion (has been mentioned already), would like to see a option to disable WiFi electronics (if possible) in future updates.


    EDIT: Has the website not been updated yet? All i can download is 2.01.
    EDIT2: I am totally confused right now. Some type of typo or something.... ifi just announced 2.01 (as officially, not beta anymore) with 2.1 typo in that last post or is there a typo in that bin file? (Win_iFi_Pro_iDSD_XMOS_V2.01) :triportsad:

    EDIT3: Ok, now is see what has happend here.... Is this just some kind of "MQA is now ok with us using MQA" (This is no longer BETA and has been certified by MQA) or something like that? So there is no difference in the firmware itself? Just that "beta" in the name is gone?
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2019
  3. peterjgross
    You mean MQA decoding when connected via USB i assume? I do not play MQA with my computer attached via USB very often but when i do it worked perfectly. I played from Tidal for using the Roon end point on my computer and both worked great.

    However, there are definitely problems with stability for anything that is under the "App" input (i.e. not only Ethernet but also SD card or USB hard disk). To me only Ethernet is really important. And indeed version 2.01 does not seem to have any improvements in that respect. I love how the Pro iDSD sounds. But one of the reasons that i was attracted to it is that it included streaming support over network. To me it is critical that the issues with the App input are solved.
    Also, as others have suggested here, it would be a big thing to make the Pro iDSD Roon ready.
    Right now i have to either wait until software updates for the Pro iDSD, have to buy a network bridge like SMS 200 Ultra, or look for a different product.
  4. va1enr0y
    I was referring to the MQA tracks that I have bought online. These tracks are streamed via ethernet, just like the rest of my DSD files, to the iDSD. The MQA sample rate switching is especially obvious for the higher sample rate files.
  5. applesnowleo
    Hello, not supporting Roon Raat protocol is something to have in consideration.

    To pair the Pro iDSD with good results with Roon and considering the SMS 200 Ultra also buy the SPS 500 Power supply and the silver cable for the power supply, and you can obtain good results, do not forget a good USB cable as at this level makes obvious changes in the sound.

    But then if you consider the added cost to have Roon to work well, and I made all this hardware aquisitions, we start to consider the added investiment we made to make Roon work with the Pro iDSD could be very well spent to another better DAC with direct roon support, as the cost of adding Roon with decent streaming quality compared to the network direct connection is similiar to the price of the Pro iDSD, so the DAC duplicates easly the price to be used fully with Roon.

    A simple move from ifi to support Roon could result in not spending an aditional 3000 or more euros, and have the same or better sound simply investing in a good network cable.

    So if you are considering Roon for your music collection and have the funds to buy aditional hardware to get the Pró iDSD working well you have to take this into account, the SMS 200 Ultra is better than any computer I used as an end point, computers are noisy by nature. Otherwise search for another DAC because Roon only supports the Pro iDSD on Airplay, the same with Denon and Marantz Recievers.

    I still have hope iFi implements RAAT protocol, to be sincere I like MQA but easly echange it for RAAT without thinking twice. For me is too late to make a decision on another DAC now, but you need to evaluate this before buying.

    Audirvana is full of bugs, slow, and after using roon for an year as a lifetime subscriber going back to audirvana is not an option anymore, I could say the same for other software packages. The Muso APP is something horrible and desappointing.

    But the Pro iDSD is an amazing DAC, but needs better and faster firmware devlopment to realy shine, the latest beta 2.01 is pretty stable but nor there yet.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2019
  6. iFi audio
    Yes, that's the case. We've been now officially certified by MQA. However, we haven't said the last word as far as Pro iDSD firmware goes.

    If there are any issues, our support line is the place to go: http://support.ifi-audio.com/
    iFi audio Stay updated on iFi audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/iFiAudio/ https://twitter.com/ifiaudio https://www.instagram.com/ifiaudio/ https://ifi-audio.com/ info@ifi-audio.com
    webmi likes this.
  7. Zowie1
  8. gordec
    You can use any. The iDSD has issues with anything higher than 96k, just get a good CAT6 cable.
  9. tekkster
    Anything cat 5e or better is fine.

    The one you posted is cheap, so no biggie either way, might as well get it.

    As a general rule though, unless your switch had 10gbps copper downlink ports, probably not going to take advantage of the full potential of a cat8 cable.
  10. gordec
    What really helps is put your PC into bridge mode and skip network switch. You need 2 Ethernet ports. You can always get an USB to ethernet adapter.
  11. tekkster
    Are you making this statement because of latency introduced by a switch? Or some other reason?
  12. gordec
    Most switches have detectible DC and RF noise. I feel there is sightly improved dynamics when it's in bridge mode. Probably not going to change your enjoyment, but I'm ok "investing" in a $15 NIC to know I'm less suspectable to noise.
  13. drewTT
    Really enjoying this DAC in my system. I have a PS Audio Direcstream in my main system and this is not far behind at all. Really impressive piece of kit for the desktop. So far liking tube+ with DSD 1024 and BP+ the most. Works fantastic with Roon connected via USB on my Windows rig.

    Great job iFi people...lol
  14. Zowie1
    Currently my Wifi-router is connected to the Pro iDSD with an ethernet cable and my PC is connected to the router with a wireless 4G connection. I could also add another ethernet cable between the router and my laptop. Dumb question, but is that what you mean with a bridge mode?

    Here's the router I'm using:
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2019
  15. flyte3333
    Looks like it's shielded with metal connectors on the ends... a nice (potential) pathway for ground / leakage currents (depending on rest of system hook-up).

    If it's just Pro iDSD and headphones, then that shielded cable is fine.

    Otherwise if you have separate amp connected, I would avoid that shielded cable. Better to stick with bog standard Cat 5e or Cat 6 UTP (unshielded), preserving the isolation benefits of ethernet...
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2019
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