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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. guicnovaes
    I am looking for a spare MMCX cable for my the ER3XR. @ClieOS with the Fiio cable, I just need to remove the blue and red rings?? Do you, or the other colleagues here have another (budget) suggestion? Thanks in advance.
  2. riverred105
    Having both the ER4XR and the inear prophile 8 PP8, I had the opportunity to compare the two extensively. I’ve always had a soft spot for etys and additionally have a pair of the 4r’s that is almost 15-20 years old.

    Everything I loved about the 4XR, the PP8 did it so much better, which is hard to imagine until you’ve heard it. I have biggish ears, and I can say that the PP8 in the “small” size fit better than any iem I’ve ever tried. They felt like a custom, and my wife, who has significantly smaller ears than mine, also found the PP8 to fit perfectly.

    I believe musicteck has the PP8 available. Last time I checked, they were on sale.
  3. ClieOS Contributor
    Tried that a few months back. The angle and the force it exerted just does not agree with my ears.

    Sorry, can't help you there as I have not mod' a FiiO cable that way. I have mod'ed a few FiiO cables for others before, but always fully replace the MMCX connector with an Ety compatible MMCX.
  4. chinmie
    yes, it's also awkward to use the ER4XR with the stiff BT20S cables for my ears, but it does work great (not having hiss, that is)
    with your skill, you might be able to mod it with a better/more manageable cable, or better yet, try to make it with exchangeable cables similar to the Fostex TM2
  5. twiceboss
    try look at the cayin yb04. It has wider soundstage but if you want more subbass, yb04 didnt provide that unfortunately but yb04 is a beautiful sounding iem.
  6. Dealux
    I went back to the stock foam tips...again lol. It kinda messes with the coherency of the FR a bit. Mids are more forward but not excessively so, and perhaps there's a touch more low treble as well which makes it a bit more obvious that this IEM has some missing treble below 10K. However, the foam tips improve the timbre for me. I think the triple flange tips go too deep for me and ruin the timbre\texture detail or that's just how the flange tips sound.

    With the foam tips the timbre is much closer to a natural timbre, like that of a dynamic driver. Still a bit too soft but more pleasant and natural.
  7. bcaulf17
    Really been eyeing these lately. Been struggling with trying to find ideal closed cans for the office so I’m considering moving to IEM’s. I’m attracted to these because of their supposedly neutral sound signature. Just wondering if there’s anything similar at a lower price, and if I’ll get good soundstage out of these (one thing I’m worried about losing is the “around the head” experience).
  8. Max Choiral
    Around the head experience is for the open-back full-size headphones.
  9. bcaulf17
    Yeah but you can still get it with good closed headphones that have good soundstage. I’m assuming the ER4XR sounds more in your head.
  10. castleofargh Contributor
    how you imagine the instruments is at least in part caused by your own body, and in part caused by your own imagination/expectations/listening habits. so it's a little tricky to just assume that everybody is feeling the same about a given headphone or IEM. to me the typical etymotic signature makes me put stuff on a line between my ears. but it's not like I get great impressions of space with full size headphones, so .... who knows? you seem to think that a closed full size headphone has a good soundstage, but I think most people would expect open designs to usually have the largest "stage", "headstage", "imaging", whatever we want to call that feeling. so perhaps what you're talking about in this specific case is how some good sub frequencies sometimes feel like you're inside a big bubble of rumbling sound? I have that impression even with some IEMs sometimes, but not with Ety or most sealed IEMs.
    even the XR series aren't bass head products, so if you're in "need" of low end, that's probably not it.

    maybe get a pair from amazon so you can try and send it back if it's really not for you. or if you don't like using the system, get one of the cheapest models so you can at least test the fit and isolation. because having Etymotic IEMs in your ears is special(because of how deep you're supposed to insert them). some like me feel very comfy for hours, some start panicking after 20 seconds. so it's important to know where you stand on this before worrying about details like, sound :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  11. bcaulf17
    That’s a good point about the fit thank you.
  12. Pro-Jules
    I jumped ship

    1) I lost my (2nd!) pair of Etys in custom fit Snugs
    2) I got an Empire Ears Nemesis pair

    I was using a lot of eq with the etys

    Now I listen to the Nemesis flat - no eq.

    but it was cool ride with the etys for a while.

    Now onto the next thing.

    So-long my ety comrades!
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2019
    davidcotton likes this.
  13. Dealux
    They have more depth than any full size closed back I've heard, dynamic driver that is. They are about as wide as the HD600 at the extremes but the depth and width depend on how deep they go into your ear as well.

    Unfortunately the foam tips appear to sound sibilant to me. Ts and Ss sounds are especially prominent, almost like a ringing sound. It's quite strange because they don't sound bright at all otherwise.

    Edit: Actually, it might be the recording. Jesus, these things can point out flaws in recordings.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2019
  14. bcaulf17
    Yeah probably! Sibilance is actually in a lot of recordings. The headphones will just reproduce it at a certain level.
  15. Dealux
    I hear it in Grum - Turn It Up ("DDa DDa DDa" "TTurn up") and Kylie Minogue - In My Arms ("how DDo You DDescribe the feeling"). I hear it on my monitors too.
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