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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. ClieOS Contributor
    Headphone impedance suggestion on most amp are just rubbish info that serves no real technical purpose. There are there for marketing only, because the actual measurement data that tells you how good an amp is is often too complicated for most to understand, so manufacturers come up with these simple number 'suggestion' system hoping the buyer can make quick and simple (but equally uninformed) choice.

    That being said, most half decent headphone amp should be able to driver ER4S well - it is far from the most difficult IEM to drive. What you want it low output impedance (not to be confused with headphone impedance manufacturer is suggesting) and decent enough output power (just a rough idea - you don't want anything less than probably 20mW into 16ohm load, more is better). All of FiiO's and iFi's amp should easily beat those requirement.
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  2. robdeszan
    Thanks for the reply.
    Hmm, I really wanted to get this:

    Alo RX as it is a dedicated IEM Amp but is the eR4s impedance too high for it?

  3. FastAndClean
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  4. robdeszan
    ClieOS & FastAndClean

    Thanks for the reassurance, I will give the amp a try given its IEM designation and will post some impressions.
  5. manthisis
    By the way, how do repairs work on my ER4XR that I bought secondhand? I'm the third owner and it was originally purchased in 2016, and I'm having trouble getting a hold of the original owner to provide proof of purchase. If my ER4's suddenly crap out, am I out of luck?
  6. WhatToChoose
    They have a 2 year warranty, so unless the OP got extended then little chance of possible warranty work.

    I have had mine since Oct 2016, and they are going strong. Etymotic is excellent at implementing durable drivers and bodies, I think some people are still using the ER4 ov IEMs, and we got the new and improved ones

    I wouldn't be surprised if I got 10 years out of these as well tbh.
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  7. robdeszan
    I repaired my original set of ER4Ps back in 2013 (one of the drivers was distorting the sound) 5-6 years after the original purchase. Excellent service and priced sensibly the earphones still going strong. Having the ability to service them if necessary was reassuring enough.
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  8. manthisis
    Just wanted to thank everybody for the fit help! I eventually found a way that seals perfectly, and it helps that my tips have broken in and sort of conformed to my ear canal shape (it seems that the opaque grey ones work best for me). I also just received my Shure Olives small, and they fit much better than the mediums.

    Oh interesting! So they were out of warranty and they still decided to repair them for you?
  9. wquiles
    I just received a new ER4XR set, and I really like them!

    I just wanted to give a high-five to member ClieOS since he made for me some custom goodies now on their way to me here in the USA. A shorty custom cable to use with my FiiO BTR3 and adapters so that I can use other more standard cables as well:
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2019
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  10. robdeszan
    Oh interesting! So they were out of warranty and they still decided to repair them for you?[/QUOTE]

    No, the repair was priced sensibly (the cable needed replacing and it cost me $50 plus shipping) so I had to pay for it but the fact that I could service them after so many years rather than chuck it in the bin was reassuring. 6 years down the road and they are still absolutely fine.

    Re the earlier manthisis' post

    I had a similar experience to yours re deformed ear pieces. The rubber light grey ones looked slightly asymetrical (from long term storage/lack of use and probably age) and it seriously affected the sound quality as they did not create a perfect seal, hanging a bit slack in the ear as a result, even though they were inserted deep enough. I only realized this by trying different angles. I also swapped the rubber ones to the standard grey foam ones and the familiar sound was there.

    Also, depending on your ear canal's size or your anatomy, have you tried lowering the jaw and gently pulling your ear away with one hand (holding it somewhere in the middle with two fingers) while inserting the earpiece with the other? It creates a more symmetrical opening, with easier insertion and better seal, a technique worth experimenting with!
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2019
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  11. udesign48
    Wow! I'm interested in buying ER4SR.

    How do they sound? do they have true reference sound like Shure SRH1840, Sennheiser HD700, HD650?
    How would you guys compare it to existing top reference models like AKG K3003i, N5005? or hi-res earbuds like Sony XBA A3, XBA N3?

    Sony N3AP is the best in-ear monitors I've heard so far. Nothing compares... N3AP beats MEE Audio P1 in every aspect.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2019
  12. FastAndClean
    you seem confused
  13. udesign48
    I'm just curious about ER4SR's reference tuning.. how authentic is it? does it come close to sound signature of reference headphones like HD700, HD650?

    ER4SR advertises itself as a 'Studio Reference' pro IEM... that means it can be used for pro audio.
  14. FastAndClean
    first, HD700 and HD650 are not reference tunning, HD700 is warm and bright(for some harsh) at the same time, HD650 is warm and smooth(for some veiled), Sony n3 is closer to the HD650 (warm) but with more sub bass
    ER4SR is clean and neutral (diffuse field curve), if you like your Sony in ear so much the ER4 will be bass light for you, it will sound cleaner and more detailed, but not so musical, its a matter of taste
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  15. udesign48
    Right. SRH1840 has more reference tuning.

    Sony N3 sounds pretty close to HD650. I'm surprised to find these earbuds can sound so detailed.

    Can I expect Shure SRH1840 style sound from ER4SR?
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2019
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