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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. sainteb
    I got my ER2-XR today and I am really enjoying them, doing some A/B comparisons with the ER4-XR as well. I'll post more detailed impressions later.
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  2. manthisis
    Just posting back to update... The shure olive's (at least the size I ordered, medium) aren't comfortable to me. They exert a lot of pressure on the ear, especially the left ear, that ends up making my jaw hurt and produces some soreness after some time.

    Also, the opaque grey large tri-flanges i have are starting to deform after longer use. Is that normal? Will it affect the seal?
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2019
  3. Makahl
    It seems your left ear has a slightly different shape. I'd stick with that hybrid option and trim the foam edges to get a more comfortable fit.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2019
  4. csglinux
    I can only use small olives with Etymotic IEMs. Etys need deep insertion and I can't squeeze medium tips in that far.
  5. manthisis
    I unfortunately wasn't able to find a compromise between isolation and comfort with the hybrid tips.
    I might need to try those, yeah. But I did notice in the sound that the upper octaves felt suppressed.
  6. manthisis
    This is what my eartips look like. Is this normal? Will it affect the seal long term? I have a pair of clear large tri flange that don’t seem to bend like this but they also don’t seem to seal as well.
  7. manthisis
    19AB9AED-A19C-4515-9D88-D5C88BD613F1.jpeg AC7D96A9-3359-4153-9971-C8E75D1BA064.jpeg
  8. JohnYang1997
    That's normal for 3 flange if you need to insert that deep to get great sound.
    Long term idk. But you should already find that isolation is different. Not a big deal tho.
    There isn't a perfect solution to this. But, you can cut the largest flange, and make it bi flange. You can use comply tsx100 foam tips instead. You can use the er38-18cl which is less likely to insert that deep that causes this problem but you may have some treble peak due to not enough depth. Or simply ignore it until you don't feel good with it and replace with a new set of tips.
  9. WhatToChoose
    That's normal, that means the diameter is larger than your ear canal at that point, and it compensates by folding.

    Regarding longevity, I used the small Ety triple flanges for at least a year, and the largest flange eventually developed a tear, but the foldover that occurred was much more severe.

    I would stock up on your favorite eartip once you are done tip rolling.
  10. manthisis
    I've tried the biflange, unfortunately made isolation worse.
    Thanks. I also have these on the way coming Friday (heard from another member here that these work well too) and I have Shure Olives small coming in Friday as well (since the medium's were a bit too big for my left ear). If both don't end up working out, I'm not sure what I'll do!
  11. csglinux
    Another tip worth considering is the single-flange SpinFit Cp800 (I'd recommend the small size because of the deep insertion, even if you use medium tips on other IEMs.) Much more comfortable (to me) than any triple flanged tips, still reasonable isolation and no treble roll-off :)
  12. manthisis
    That's true. I actually just ordered the small olives so I'll see if those fit better? I read somewhere that cutting out the grill/filter on the olives will bump up the treble a bit, so I can also try that.
  13. Raketen
    whoa... just noticed the comments about the ER2 dynamic driver models... almost reflexively purchased the XR, but no info on the Ety website yet (just the audiometry ER2 listed)- are the Amazon US "Etymotics Research" seller listings legit and $159 price correct?

    Molex rate their MMCX connectors for 500 cycles, but there's probably variabilty in the brand and QC of the connectors used in earphones... I almost never change cables and have still had issues at times (though fortunately for me failure always in the cable, only minor oxidation issues in earpieces) http://www.literature.molex.com/SQLImages/kelmscott/Molex/PDF_Images/987650-3243.PDF

    Are you using PT with the adapter or just in ER4P mode that you find bright? I have been curious to try ER3 but ER4P is already close to my minimum treble level.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2019
  14. robdeszan
    Hello All,
    I've been digging through archived on portable amp for Er4s and found a lot of information with products that are no longer made.

    I've revived my iPod 5.5 classic with a new battery and I am looking for a decent portable amp in 2019.

    I have tested the ER4s on my Yamamoto ha02 (around 50ohm output), which I use with my low impedance audio technicas, and they did not sing at all. I then plugged them in to my desktop connect 6 (80ohm output according to the specs) and they sounded much better.

    The ER4s are rated at 100ohms so I am guessing that one should get as close as possible to that rating, right?

    What if we exceed it? Would that have any sonic impact?

    The ones that seem to be easily available are fiio A3 (but it is rated below 100ohms) and A5 (for high impedance headphones) there also the ifi Ivan but there's limited information on synergy between these models.

    Has anyone got any current recommendations for these etymotics?


  15. koudairanger
    anyone tried the etymotic custom fit program?
    I did saw some post on other website about them, however when I called etymotic, they say the price/product could vary depend on their partener...can anyone share their experience about these custom molds? thanks a lot...
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