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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. ER4S
    I think so. Actually I didn't ask about BA in it, I'm not interested in. (About BA, I just asked if there's new driver or tuning.. anyway, still no answer)
    I asked about specs and differences between current series.
  2. Happytalk
    Where are our favorite sources for filters?
  3. Voyageur
    Etymotic has exemplary customer support, but seems very secretive whenever you start talking about new releases/products. They simply don't reply at all, in most cases.
  4. GreatestUnKnown
    I used Etymotic since they sell the plastic style filters, means they are usually one time use but ensures that I can assure that the nozzles will not be damaged which "can" happen with the cheaper metal ones from mouser.
  5. robm321
    Oh, no! I need to now spend $350. I was not expecting this.
  6. nickwin

    Hahaha +1. Really exited to hear these though.
  7. robm321
    Same here, the only question is which one. I do like neutral more, but if the other one is just slightly more warm, that might be worth considering. I'm looking forward to trying them also. 
  8. HiFiChris Contributor
    I wouldn't be surprised if the difference was just in the resistance again, so a simple adapter would be sufficient to turn the ER-4 PT successor into the ER-4S successor like it was possible to turn the PT into the S (correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the PT even comes with that adapter included).
  9. BigAund
    Is there an ETA for the new models?
  10. ER4S
    "Can't decide between the ER•4PT and the ER•4S? You have both with this adapter. Adapter is included with the ER•4PT."
  11. ETYHeadRick

    We haven't been given the actual release date in the Customer Service Dept., but I know we're still a few weeks out yet. I'm looking forward to reading feedback from everyone once we start shipping.
    If you've emailed our Customer Service Dept. about the earphones and haven't gotten a response yet, please let me offer my apologies. As you'd expect with any new product release, there are still details that need to be worked out before I can really comment on them. Fortunately, one of our engineers will be jumping on in the next day or so to field some of your questions, so please stay tuned!
    Thanks to everyone for the kind words on this thread. It's been a pleasure reading about your experiences with the ER4.
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  12. EtyDave
    Hey Everybody,
    I'm Dave, the engineer that Rick mentioned above.  I'm going to do my best to answer some of the questions you have and clarify what the new ER4 earphones are (and aren't).  There are some things I won't get into (like who we source components from) but I'll try to jump in and help with info as I can.
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  13. jesusio
    Hey Dave, thanks for answering our questions. Will the ER4-XR work similarly to the 4P by using an impedance cable to have a similar FR to the ER4-SR?
  14. robm321
    ^ yes, that is the biggest question so far.
  15. jesusio
    Also, I have acs silicon tips for my ER4-S, will these work with the new models? If not, do you have a new partner for tips?
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