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Iems for 300ish

  1. Bubbacritz
    Alright so i currently have been looking for some iem's to use with my droid x while im at school and walking. I listen to mostly Electro, Dnb, Dubstep, Nu-rave, etc but i do listen to a decent amount of indie and alternative. I need them to be pretty sound isolating and i can't have them leak very much since i will be using them when i take tests at school where the room is dead silent. I have some Etymotic ER-4Ps and some Klipsh s4s right now and honestly i really dont like the ER-4p's because they are kind of hard to put in and they really lack bass. the s4's are alright but i just need something with crisper SQ. I don't plan on having an amp.
    Thank you
  2. Guidostrunk
    Earsonics Sm3 gets my vote.
  3. Bubbacritz
    That's a bit pricey but not impossible
  4. buffalowings


    they have build issues...
  5. Guidostrunk

    AFAIK, that problem has been fixed.

  6. buffalowings
    westone 3, the UMX3 is probably to light in bass for your tastes, possibly the IE8
  7. ZARIM
    Westone 3, UM3x, DBA-02, GR10, EQ-7, MTP MD, SA7 and SE535............
  8. Guidostrunk

    They can be had from the sound earphones ebay listing for less than $350 with a best offer purchase.

  9. MaxwellDemon
    I am thinking on the Monster Turbine Pro Copper or Monster Turbine MD, if you can get the Miles Davis for your budget.
  10. Guidostrunk
    I had the Coppers and IMO the Sm3 smokes them in all aspects.
  11. MaxwellDemon
    I know you rather like SM3. You have mentioned that in every other thread you participated in. [​IMG]
  12. Guidostrunk

    Cant help but promote them,IMO they do everything better than anything i ever owned combined.

  13. Bubbacritz
    im really liking the feed back so thank you, i just want to make sure that my Droid X would be able to power these iems to their full potential without an amp?
  14. MaxwellDemon
    Well, it seems like that's another IEM that I must try one day. [​IMG]
  15. Guidostrunk

    IEM'S are very sensitive generally not needing amplification.


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