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IEMs and exercise

  1. LAFox
    Hi all. I need recommendations regarding decent IEMs. I have tried several brands recently (Klipsch S4 most recently) - the sound is good, but when I am exercising (running, or on treadmill or elliptical), the wires bounce against my body and I hear the transmitted sounds in the ear buds. It is awful. I need some that you do not hear any of the transmitted sounds. Cannot spend too much ($200 or less).
    I know there are several recommended for running, but those recommendations are based on how easily they come off the ears; that is not an issue with me.
    Any ideas?  Any experience with Monster Beats or Etymotic hf3 and my concerns? 
    Thanks so much in advance.
  2. scuttle
    JVC FX67 "Aircushions" - about $25 in the US? The secret is partly in the name, which refers to the tips. Some EQing to reduce the bass will have them sounding surprisingly good.
    Also: have you tried using Shure Olive tips on your current IEMs, if they will fit? And you are using a cable clip? But I'd still buy the 67s: gym phones should be something you want cry over if sweat gets to them.
  3. munkyballz
    I use my Monster Turbines with MEE tri-flange tips, wear them over the ear and they are still in good shape. 
    Not too much microphonics unless you're consistently tangling with the wires.
  4. ZARIM
    GR07, Sony EX600, Turbine Pearl, SA6.
  5. mastershake2393
    I don't know about the EX600... Dat wind...
    My recommendation would be the Phonak Audeo PFE. When I had them I used them while running; other than the elastic cable they're perfect if you like an analytical sound sig...
  6. Slackboy72
    I'm also considering iems for running.
    Trying to toss up between triplefi 10s and UM2s.
    Any help? Anyone used these while running?
  7. localmotion411
    I'm currently using a set of Shure EC4's but having the same trouble with the cable making noise as it bounces around.  Also, the cables are so heavy they pull the Shures out of my ears.
    I'm actually happier with the Apple headphones because they are lightweight and stay in my ears, although I've ruined a couple of sets of these with sweat.  Anyone know of a durable set for the gym?
  8. LAFox
    I appreciate all the replies. I will certainly look into the suggestions.
    One thing that I'd like clarified... Are people also saying that the specific ear tips themselves and not the actual IEMs that may cause the problem I have with the cords? That is what I get from a couple of the replies above (e.g., post #2, #3). 
    Thanks again - I appreciate the advice.


  9. nikp
    A shirt clip or wearing it over the ear will help reduce microphonic. Ear tips do not cause microphonic.
  10. jjmai
    Meelec m6 is nice, and way under your budge.
    Also, if you still have your Klipsch s4 with you, try wearing them over the ear to reduce the microphonics.  You can even swap left and right ears to see if it actually fits more securely.
    I don't think TF10 will be a good choice for exercising.  A lot of people have fit problem with tf10's fit - it doesn't stay in your ear too well if you can't find tips that work for you.
  11. navmau
    I recently received my M6P, they are wonderful. They sound good and they are fantastic over-the-ear design means they stay secure during exercise, yard work etc etc. The "P" version gives you the benefit of a [very sleek] microphone for phone calls etc, very handy!
  12. LAFox
    Thanks again for all the recommendations.
  13. cifani090
    Im going to get some Sennheiser/ Adidas headphones for the gym since SE535 didn't work out[​IMG]
  14. LAFox
    Anyone have experience with the Sennheiser CX 880? How is the microphonics with those IEMs?
    What about Phiaton PS 20NC?
    Thanks again.

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