1. Droozehdeh

    So I lost my Monster Turbines

    I loved these things man. Where can I get something like them for cheaper? Doesn't even have to be IEM.
  2. heirthos


    I will post some pictures on this later but for now was wondering where can I find the serial number for these so I can check it on the monster website for verification.
  3. Droozehdeh

    Coming from Monster Turbines...

    What would you recommend for me? Try to stay below $120 please. I listen to a lot of dubstep as in not thanks.
  4. FESakaFOB

    Buying earphones: In ear headphone issue

    Hello all, I want to purchase a new pair of earphones. Currently I was using the bose mei2i because they are the only headphones that fit in my ear. All the other IEMS I have tried don't properly fit the canal and either fall out or hurt. I wanted to by the qc20i, but I have read this thread...
  5. mhmstr

    Monster Turbines

    Bought a pair of the Monster Turbine headphones and I'm super happy with them. They have a metal body so are cold when first put on, but warm up fine.   Saw a sale that I thought I'd share. 70 for them instead of 190 retail.
  6. X

    Genuine Monster Turbine?

    Hello, I've found these Monster Turbines at Amazon and I was wondering if they are genuine because the price is very good. I know that Amazon is an authorized monster cable dealer but if you look at the images of the package, they differ from those at the monster's website. Here are the...
  7. hd800op

    Difference between turbine regular and pearl

    The only reason I am asking is because the MSRP of these was different, now they can be found on amazon for about the same price. Also, why does the copper cost less than the gold if it is the "top end" earphone. So my question: Is there a difference in sound quality/tonal signature? Which...
  8. woohwaah

    Westone 3 or Monster Turbine/Miles Davis or Others ?

    Hi, I recently bought an UE900 to upgrade from my SoundMagic E10s and while I've enjoyed the UE900s, everytime I listen to my E10s I think to myself "These guys are a lot more fun than the UE900". More specifically, the bass is just funner on the E10, everything else is better on the UE900. I'm...
  9. MajorAudio

    Recommend a pair of ear-BUDS for $100US

    I've been using a pair of High-Performance Monster Turbine earbuds for about 2 years ago and I absolutely love them. I damaged them recently by yanking the chord in a bad way.   Looking for a replacement set of ear'BUDS' and am open to suggestions and your recommendations. Preferably an...
  10. Inakie

    Returning Monster Turbine PRO Gold Qs

    My MTPG recently started to suffer from a harsh crackling in the right bud, I contacted Monster via web chat and after sending my reciept through email and giving some info they gave me the address that I should send the earphones to. They "recommend" using ups or fedex for tracking services...
  11. Cyworld

    In-Ear headphone and Portable Amp for Electronic music.

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a good in-ear headphone thats about 100$. I dont know anything about portable amps but is anything that costs around 50$s ok?. And by the way almost all the music i listen to are electronic. So anything with good bass that doesnt crack and has clear sound would be nice...
  12. talkinmusic

    Warm Sounding IEM £100 or approx $150

    Hi All,   I'm looking for a new pair of IEM's to tie me over for the next few months until I upgrade to Customs.   Ideally I'm looking for a pair that will give me a warm sound and that offer decent isolation/comfortable-ish fit.   Can anybody offer up any suggestions pls?  ...
  13. coloredair

    Monster Turbine Pearl replacement..!

    I just returned my Monster Turbine Pearl on Best Buy yesterday.. i want it to be replaced but unfortunately, they dont have stocks of it anymore. so i just decided to return it and look for a new IEM.    Now, i can't decide which IEMs to get, i loved the pearls because of the sound quality...
  14. LAFox

    IEMs and exercise

    Hi all. I need recommendations regarding decent IEMs. I have tried several brands recently (Klipsch S4 most recently) - the sound is good, but when I am exercising (running, or on treadmill or elliptical), the wires bounce against my body and I hear the transmitted sounds in the ear buds. It is...
  15. mps83

    Where can i purchase triple flange eartips for my Monster Turbines in the UK?

    Bought some Monster Turbines last month, unfortunately i was taking the eartip off to clean it and it just snapped, and they are by far the best fitting tips for my ears. The Turbines came with 2 pairs of triple flange tips, i need the smaller of the 2 pairs. Does anyone know where i can source...
  16. googleli

    I agree!!!

    Took this photo at the Hong Kong AV show today. I agree with this statement - so I have decided not to even try any of the Dr. Dre's even though they are right there. Sorry Dr. Dre.      

    Monster Turbine Pro Copper or Gold w/ Headstage Arrow 4G Amp

    Title says it all. Which sounds better? With the golds and an amp will the bass drown everything else out? With the coppers and an amp will everything sound balanced and still have that oomph that I'm looking for with the bass? On they're selling the coppers for $211.08 and on...
  18. Costia

    Custom IEM drivers

    I live in Israel and I have found a few hearing aid companies that appear t make custom IEMs as well If i can order from them , that would save me a lot of money on customs and i will get the IEMs done faster with less trouble (like international mail) But i am wondering what BA drivers are...
  19. o black

    Comparison between the Q-Jays, Monster Turbine, Etymotic Hf3, Dr. Dre Tour In-Ear

    Has anyone on this forum compared Q-Jays with the Monster Turbine, Etyomtic HF3, and the Dr. Dre Tour In-Ear?  Over the past 2 years i have tried those 3 headphones, and i have liked the monster turbine the most.  However, unfortunately also out of the 3, they were the LEAST durable headphones...
  20. yyyyyyexe963

    newb need recommendations for around 200USD

    So i bought a Monster Turbine last year, almost got destroyed under serious abuse use I mainly listen to Rock, Pop, house, trance, sometime some jazz, blues and classics   I like how the turbine produce a punchy bass and how it has good isolation but I hate how the bass is somewhat...
  21. veggiop

    monster turbine or monster beats

    I'm having hard time to decide between monster turbine and monster beats by dr dre tour. my music source are cowon j3 and iphone 4, my old earphone was sony xb40ex which provide sweet bass and sound stage while i listen music and watch movies on both device. can anyone out there give me some...
  22. Hoosierdaddy

    Please...I need help!

    Since this is my first post, I thought just a little about my background might be in order.   First, I am a LONG time audiophile. I bought my first high end system back in the late 70's and never looked back. Today, I have a 2.1 system that consists of a pair of reference monitor speakers on...
  23. Kdub454

    1st pair of $100+ headphones Best Choice

    The first "expensive" pair of headphones I bought were the upgraded apple in-ears (w/ dual drivers). Those were by far the best headphones I have owned, but that was two years ago. I am now looking for an affordable upgrade, preferably less than $200. I like detail and spaciousness.
  24. paintballswimguy

    Earphones and source for long term Hiking

    I'm going to be hiking a good deal of the appalachian trail this summer about 800 to 1000 miles or so. I'm in need of a decent sounding pair of headphones to wear while hiking. I currently I have some UE 10s that were reshelled into customs, so i'm not thinking i want to bring them...
  25. hudamanium

    Overwhelmed.... Help with a ~$150 purchase?

    I know a lot about full sized headphones and have owned and tried many of them. Recently I've begun searching for a set of portables or in ears.... and I'm just overwhelmed by the choices I have. I'm hoping to keep this sub $150. 1. Isolation is preferred (doesn't have to be completely...