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iBasso T5 - A newly designed small portable. Specifications.

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamato8, Sep 29, 2011.
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  1. jamato8 Contributor
    I haven't seen anything on T series from iBasso for a while so I emailed them a while back asking if there was anything new coming up in the offing. I heard back today that they have the T5 coming out in a few days with an all new custom case, totally new design with a balanced ground system. Sounds exciting for the ultra small portable amp arena. I asked them for specifications. 
    Here are some specifications;
    As mentioned there is a balanced ground system or BTL ground.
    The voltage swing has been increased from 4.2V to 8.4V with output power at 175mW into a 32ohm load.
    It has a digital volume control that has no right or left imbalance. 
    The top and bottom of the case is stainless steel with an alloy middle section.  
    It has 8 OPAMPs with a total of 12 ICs in a case that is, 81mm by 41mm by 10mm thick. Play time is 20 hours. 
    Power Source:Built-in 4.2V Li-polymer Batteries or external power supply
    Frequency Response: 10Hz~100 KHz +/- 1dB 
    Signal to Noise Ratio:-104dB 
    Output power:Up to 175mW+175mW into 32Ω  
    Gain:  0dB/ +7dB 
    Battery Life:    20Hours 
    Battery Charge Time: 2 Hours
    External Power supply: 5V DC
    Recommended Headphone Impedance: 8~300Ω
    Wt. 32g
    October 29, 2011
    I have a little over 100 hours now on the T5. 
    The sound has gone through stages, when compared to the output of the iRiver for differences rather than relying on memory of how they sounded different. At this point the T5 has opened up quite a bit, showing excellent transparency and detail. The high frequencies are a little surprising to me as I didn't know when way they would go. The highs are very natural and open. The bass presentation is stronger than the past T models. It is not an emphasis that drifts into the lower mid but you can tell there is power behind it. The low end also seems to go lower. I can tell that this T has advanced, which is what new models are supposed to do but many times end up as just a variation rather than a true step up. I am still not unhappy with the T3, but I can tell that the T5 is more powerful and conveys the music with this solid platform behind it. 
    The T5 needs many hours to fully burn in. It has 470uf X8 in caps. Amazing that they got those in there but they take some time to form and so I just leave the unit playing much of the time with it being turned off from time to time. I will say that as 200 hours approaches, it has opened up much more than where it was at 120 hours. It was more open at around 20 hours than it was at 120 and now it is more even across the frequency range. This while comparing to another amp for reference from the same source so as to not rely on aural memory. 
    Listening to "Sailing to Philadelphia", Mark Knopler, the sound just resonates through my body. The bass is so profound and yet controlled and totally integrated and integral. This amp is really starting to come to life now. Interesting. 

  2. ClieOS Contributor
    I posted some pictures here.
  3. jamato8 Contributor
    A view of the T5. 
  4. ClieOS Contributor
    I thought BTL will need 4 connections (2 for each channel)? Maybe it is something closer to active balanced ground? Anyway, the early spec looks very promising.
  5. jamato8 Contributor
    They have used BTL grounding and figured out how to do it while terminating to the common ground of the phones. 
  6. ClieOS Contributor


    Thanks for the explanation.
  7. jamato8 Contributor
    Hey, it looks like the T5 is coming out now. I have one ordered and should be receiving it soon. I am very curious as to the difference when compared to the T3. 
    trentino likes this.
  8. trentino
    Cool, looking forward to your impressions and comparisions with the t3. Been a while since I had the t3 and I am interested in the t5.
  9. Armaegis
    I've never heard of BTL grounding... can someone give a brief rundown?
  10. superjohny
    I am wondering how this will compare to the more expensive ttvj slim and pico slim.
    AVU likes this.
  11. mrarroyo Contributor
    Having owned the T3 and T4 sure look to trying the T5.
  12. jamato8 Contributor
    Well having the power that the T5 is purported to have, and by the specs, it should, and improved topology, I look forward to the listening. I am not sold on digital volume controls but as in most cases, it is how it is implemented. 
  13. jamato8 Contributor
    Well I have received the T5 and the sound is different. An improvement over the past T models. There is a larger soundstage, more spacial information is presented and the amp just sounds more powerful. The fit and finish also step up a good notch. Overall, it just looks, feels and sounds like a higher quality product and I had no real complaints with the T3. It is also nice to have LED's that are visible but not blinding. :^) While the other T models weren't overly bright, this one for the charge and "on", are nicely muted but obvious. The input and output also have a nice solid click to them. The case being made of stainless steel and the zinc frame, with what appears to be a thin rubberized coating would make this battle worthy. 
    I am using an iRiver out to the T5 (lossless) and the ESW10 and it makes them sing. 
  14. trentino
    jamato8, any nice pics you can share? :)
  15. i_djoel2000
    interesting impression, jamato8
    does this amp compete well with corda 3move or pico? *or any other higher end portable amps
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