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iBasso DX80 . . impressions and reviews. . and discussion NEW FW: 1.6.0 ** link . . 1st page . . .

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamato8, Nov 2, 2015.
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  1. pholcus1975
    It is a sort of screen protector, but it is written. I changed it.
  2. Audiotistic
  3. wolfen68 Contributor
    Agreed. I've used Lurker's prior firmwares and they were great, but currently I'm on stock 1.6.0 and it sounds fantastic. Definitely the best among all the prior stock firmware.
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  4. flognarde
    Thank's again for all the answers.
    That's funny because on a french dedicated forum (tellementnomade.org), we discussed the same subject and not a single DX80 owner would agree on which FW to install . For exemple one of them would argue that 1.5.2 was the one to keep, 1.6.0 being too "cold" for him ...
    Conclusion : hard to collect info on a heavily subjective topic ...
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  5. flognarde
    Have you compared IBASSO's 1.6.0 with LURKER's 1.6.0 ?
  6. wolfen68 Contributor
    Not yet.
  7. pholcus1975
    To me Lurker0 is more detailed and has more sparkle than stock 1.6.0
  8. flognarde
    Could you develop "fantastic" ? What kind of improvement ? What music did you test with ? what cans ?
  9. wolfen68 Contributor
    To my ears, the 1.52 was also very good but 1.60 holds an edge on clarity and sounds more dynamic than the prior firmware. It is also nicely balanced, with the (solid) bottom end, full midrange and slightly recessed upper frequencies each in their own space.

    Go ahead and try the firmwares you are considering and decide for yourself. It is very easy to switch firmware on the DX80 so there's no reason not too experiment. Good luck!
  10. Gosod
    all the same, the firmware matter
  11. wormcycle
    More on the battery. It was the second time I thought I would have to replace it, and again I am not sure, I think I found the pattern. If you recharge DX80 it reaches 100% in less than 2 hours but when I started using it at this moment it dropped to 49% in less than an hour.
    Then I left it for a night charged with Anker power bank instead of a charger. Next day after playing continuously for 5 hours the battery was at 38% and went down to 13% after 8 hours. That's plenty for me. I think that the charging time and the source are important. Or the battery indicator is faulty. So it looks like I will keep using it. Charging overnight is not a big deal, and 8+ hour is more than enough. But.. if used in the DAC mode with the phone, the battery seems to be draining much faster.
    I still like this player a lot, the sound is just great.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2017
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  12. Jayzz
    Thanks for this post. Facing exactly the same problem when using my Samsung charger. Will try leaving it overnight to see how it improves.
  13. Cold Train
    I have slightly better battery life when leaving on charge overnight but it will increase just by 1hr max, right now I can enjoy my DX80 for an average of 4hrs max which is very far from the promised 8hrs +

    My bro bought the DX200 and voilà ! The same battery issue, maybe less important than on the DX80, but it's a matter of months. I enjoyed my DX80 for the first 2 months before starting to face fast battery drops. I tried all firmware releases but nothing can solve it.
  14. wormcycle
    Charger is important as well, I get the best results using Anker power bank, it's difficult to pinpoint
  15. Jayzz
    Are you inferring slow charging is beneficial? I have my Galaxy S3 charger still lying around. Nothing can charge slower than that! :D
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