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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamato8, Nov 2, 2015.
  1. jon parker
    Been using my DX80 since release with a myriad of high end iems & cans - I would recommend the dx80 100%
    Completely happy with the sound & have NO desire to upgrade...a rare thing for me!
    you will benefit using the line out for 300 - 600 ohm headphones to drive them to their full Wow potential but will still drive them very well
  2. pholcus1975
    Yes, 100%, if you don't mind Bluetooth and streaming.
    Now bugs are almost all ironed out. Just a few minor glitches.
    Remember, it's a little hissing with low ohm high sensitivity iems
  3. Anthony Navarro
    Hello !
    I have my DX80 since 2 years and i'm very happy of it. But I tried to update it the same way I do normally (with the ibasso factory tool) to 1.6 but something went wrong (. I got a failure, and now my ibasso is just bricked, I can't even enter in recovery mode :/ Is there any thing to do ?
    Thank you
  4. Lurker0
    It can't be bricked, and there is no way to make it stop entering the Loader mode (for FactoryTool), unless physically damage.

    There is a chance that it stuck in the loader mode. Try to press the power button, and hold in for 10 seconds, then release. This is to make sure it is powered off. This action is handled by the power controller, and not in the software. Then try to connect to PC wit Factory Tools, as usual.
  5. Anthony Navarro
    Thanks for your fast answer. I pressed the power button for around 20sec, and tried to plug it in while pressing + button, it doesn't work. My Window's device manager doesn't react, like if no device has been plugged (I tried on two computers with differents usb cable).
  6. Lurker0
    What happens if you put it on charge?
  7. Anthony Navarro
    Nothing, there is not the charge gauge, I try a lot of input (fast press on any button, long press on any button) but the screen stay black. It happens when the dx80 was 100% charge, I guess it's not a battery issue.
  8. Soundsgoodtome
    Recently got an DX80. Having had the DX50 and DX100 before, I can say that Ibasso's build quality has taken a step up -- specially the ports. In the previous builds the ports were a weak point. On this DX80 it feels solid but only time will tell -- although I believe it should take the test of time and use.

    Question for the masses and Ibasso, is there a way to get the preamp/volume function to work with the line-out? I'm having issues with the auxiliary port in my car being overdriven by the line-out and even turning the EQ down to -10 on all frequencies doesn't seem to do anything (does the EQ work in line out mode or only headphone out?). Currently I'm using the headphone out to my auxiliary to prevent clipping but I notice that sound quality is better via line out when the music being played is softly recorded (audiophile recordings like Reference Records or Chesky). Any and all input would be appreciated!
  9. jon parker
    I believe that the line out is fixed as it bypasses the circuits such as EQ / volume - It is in essence a pure signal untouched by the [house] sound of the unit
  10. Soundsgoodtome
    ^^ I was hoping it was adjustable like the DX50's line out. The headphone out isn't bad but the line out is definitely the superior sound when it comes to the JBL system in the car -- as long as it doesn't clip that auxiliary however.

    If somehow Ibasso can tie in the EQ to the line-out somehow, that'd be more than advantageous just to myself I'm sure.
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  11. Lurker0
    In all iBasso DAPs the volume control is implemented in DAC, and, as such, may change line out value. In DX50 and DX90 the firmware keeps one common volume level value. In DX80, the firmware detects plugs inserted and turns the volume to the maximum for LO. In DX200, it keeps separate values for LO and HO.

    Knowing that, it is possible to trick the firmware in DX80 by inserting an empty jack, or headphones, into HO, leaving LO connected at the same time. Then the firmware allows to change the volume. An empty jack is better for power consumption and to avoid headphones from damage by very loud output.

    The EQ is implemented in software, and should start working once unblocked by the same trick.
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  12. Soundsgoodtome
    I will try this but doesn't the cable plugged to the HO need to have a load (like a headphone or resistor) to be 'tricked'? I'll play with the DX80 later tonight and test this. Great suggestion!

    On another note, asking for the EQ to work with the line-out isn't that tough of a programming, or impossible by hardware, is it? New programming to the DAP's audio controls and a firmwire update would allow the EQ to be used in LO

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  13. avander
    Hi All,
    Been happy using my DX80 with a pair of Sony in ear phones for a while now but I travel a bit and was thinking of buying a new pair of noise cancelling headphones to replace my old NC Sonys that I use in airplanes.
    I checked out the new Nakamichi EDGE on INDIEGOGO and was pretty impressed with the price and functions but I'm not technical and have no idea how to know if they will also work well with my DX80?

    Wondering if the gurus here can enlighten me please?

    DX80 specs are: Output level: 2.9Vrms (32 Ohm Load) with 10V Swing Headphone AMP, up to 260mW Output power.

    EDGE are Sound pressure level: Passive - 1kHz.1Vrms. Impedance: 10Ω @ 1kHz . Max output for BT/Line in + ANC is 20mW

  14. Lurker0
    AFAIK EDGE are wireless phones. It means, they have their own amplifier, and can be used even with LO. The specs of DX80 amplifier don't not matter with them.
  15. avander
    Thanks for the quick reply!! Sorry about the newb questions....
    it sounds like I'm going to miss out on the benefits of the DX80 if I use it with the EDGE Headphones or any other wireless headphones which can be used in wired mode?

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