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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamato8, Nov 2, 2015.
  1. Lurker0
    Some wireless headphones in wired mode act as usual headphones. But EDGE has noise cancellation and volume level control systems, meaning, an active circuit. I've failed to find an information whether they can be turned into fully passive mode or not.
  2. avander
    TYou are correct with EDGE they only work in "active" mode and yo cannot use them when the battery is discharged so probably not really "suitable" for my DX80. I think I would be better off with the SONY MDR 1000X or BOSE QC 35?
  3. Richiness
    I am having issues updating to the 1.6 firmware. Not really sure what is happening. Have tried using the batch tool and the flash recovery option also but keep getting the same error. Anyone have any ideas? IMG_3554.JPG
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  4. jon parker
    1, I would run the batch tool a couple of times - In the past its taken a few times for it to work for me
    You do have to read it quite closely!
    2, Ive had this before as well - re download the firmware and try again
    You'll get it, dont worry :)
  5. Ed Tras
    Hi Paul,
    when will there be a new firmware update for DX 80?
    Or is there still a beta release for testing?
    Thank you.
  6. DON Navyn
    Hi Paul,
    I have an issue from past 15days on My DX80 play button is jammed (not clicking but fuctional) and after switching it on the player get automatically locked within 5minute(swipe to unlock) and getting battery backup of only 3hrs it also drains at an rate of 10% to 15% per day even though it's switched off, tried batch tool many times
  7. Paul - iBasso
    You can email me at paul@ibasso.com . I can issue you an RMA number to have these issues corrected.
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  8. wormcycle
    I had exactly the same problem. I sent it to iBasso, they fixed it all: replaced screen with the button, battery. What we do not appreciate enough is iBasso support. Those guys were answering emails in hours, explained to me what will be repaired etc. Paul helped as well.
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  9. avander
    More praise to iBasso!
    I have been lucky after purchasing my DX80 just short of a year or so ago I have had no problems and although I don't use it that often it performs flawlessly when I do.
    I did have occasion to contact iBasso on Facebook as I was thinking of buying a particular brands new model of wireless headphones. Paul responded quickly and as a result of a short Messenger discussion with him over a couple of days I didn't go ahead.
    Branded electronics is not so cheap where I am currently living but I have been waiting to purchase another brand/model from a few recommended and may try and pick up a pair duty free when I travel at the end of this month or when I get back to Australia. Probably a pair of the new "H.ear on 2 NC" from Sony. I'd love the 1000XM2 but they're a little too pricey for me.
    My whole point here is the support from iBasso and particularly Paul is some of the best I have ever experienced. :):thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  10. DON Navyn
    Thanking You, How much does it cost for U
  11. riodgarp
    thankfully my local shop was able to replace my dx80 battery, but I wonder why this unit has slow charging rate, even using a fast charger (5 v / 3 A) not effective
  12. Paul - iBasso
    Was the battery a battery that we supplied? The circuit is not a rapid charge circuit in the DX80. Using a 2 amp or higher charger works best but having a higher current charger over 2 amps will not increase the charging rate.
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  13. riodgarp
    probably yes, I'm not sure but its too slow to wait especially when the unit is turned off now I always turn the unit on when charging to make sure
  14. Paul - iBasso
    How long does it take to charge? There is a circuit on the battery we use for the DX80 so it needs to be a battery we supply.
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  15. riodgarp
    approximately 4-5 hours

    anyway can we use dx80 as android dac ? I tough it's becasuse it has usb dac function . . . .

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