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iBasso DX80 . . impressions and reviews. . and discussion NEW FW: 1.6.0 ** link . . 1st page . . .

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamato8, Nov 2, 2015.
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  1. Audiotistic
    I posted this in the other dx80 thread, so I'll post it here as there seems to be more activity in this one. Has anyone had any problems with buttons sticking? My play button doesn't click in and out, it still works but it just doesn't move in and out. I've taken the front panel off and looked at the buttons and nothing seems out of place or broken. The button pieces that click down are fine, the white panel button assembly works just fine, but when I snap it back together the play button seems to get stuck or something. Nothing seems to be in the way to prevent it from clicking, I just don't know what's going on.
  2. jlynton
    Shouldn't this forum be renamed to:
    iBasso DX80 . . impressions and reviews. . and discussion NEW FW: 1.6.0 ** link . . 1st page . . .
  3. wormcycle
    Yes I have this problem with the left button. I thought it worked in spite of not clicling but.. when I use it DX80 plays a track for 2 seconds and reverts back to the beginning in a loop. It looks like the button problem. When OI turn DX80 on and off and press the left button hard a few times the problem with playback loops stops but the button is still stuck. Weird, it looks definitely like a mechanical problem but I think it started right when I upgraded to the latest framework.
  4. KEV G
    Sent my Dx200 back today due to the ghost swipe problem, so I have confiscated my DX80 from my son. Just plugged in my recently purchased Andromedas and holy crap, these two go so well together. I'm sitting here listening to tracks twice with a huge grin on my face. I had almost forgotten how nice the DX80 is. Another late night me thinks !!!
  5. pholcus1975
    I agree. Dx80 is really a little beast, sure a bargain for its price. I'm listening to latest Mr. Big, Defying Gravity in 24/44.1 with Panasonic HD10 phones and it sounds brilliant, even if many complain about album sound.
  6. wormcycle
    Agree, it has battery problems, other problems but when I am listening to it I just forget all this, cannot wait for mine to come back from China repaired.
  7. HungryPanda
    I forgot to send mine after Paul kindly gave me a RM number but ended up in hospital a few days after. Things went a bit awry but I better get on the case. I love the DX80 it is a really great dap
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  8. Gosod
    what is the best firmware would be for the Dx80, I tested different ways but can't decide.
  9. flognarde
    Finally recieved mine ! kind of ! it was an exchange under warranty for my broken Fiio X5II. First one had a disfunctionning screen, the other one keeps crashing into a horrible pink noise. Now using the first waiting for a 3rd replacement... What a step up from the Fiio ! More air , précision, balance and better timbres, more refined overall. Too bad the black noise is more present but not a big deal for me.
    The screen lacks contrast and looks rather cheap. No deep sleep mode like in the Fiio's DAP's and the battery is far from reaching the 10h mark. Very sensible to interferences.
    Some say it sounds like an AK240. Never had the chance to listen to one but I wouldn't be surprised if so. Would be interesting to compare it with an OPUS #1 (same double DAC's)
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2017
  10. wolfen68 Contributor
    The current stock firmware works well and sounds fantastic IMO.
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  11. jamato8 Contributor
    I would agree, the current firmware takes the DX80 to new heights. It really surprised me.
  12. Bookutus
    My DX80 had exactly the same issues. I sent it back to the german distributor to get it fixed...
  13. Paul - iBasso
    Please try our latest firmware. http://www.ibasso.com/down.php
    iBasso Stay updated on iBasso at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  14. dissembled
    Would you guys still recommend the DX80 right now or are there better, more recent options? The analog-like sound of the DX80 is enticing, though.

    I'm also looking at the Fiio X5 II. Are there other options that's currently below $300?
  15. wormcycle
    If you do not care about streaming i would still recommend DX80. I recently bought Onkyo DP X1 and use it in balanced setup mostly for Tidal. DP X1 cost twice as much and i love it with SE535. But if I had to decide I would keep DX80.
    And iBasso support is excellent. I just got back my unit China, repaired and with new battery. My emails were anwered in few hours the most and my player was back in Toronto in three days after they received it.
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