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iBasso DX120 pure DAP player. Balanced, single ended, line out and 2 micro SD slots. FW 2.6.94 now out!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Aug 31, 2018.
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  1. BonzerKeith
    I use MP3Tag to identify all my albums, but I am finding quite a few are not showing the Artwork on the DX120. The artwork shows in the relavent files on my PC, but just blank (in some instances) on the DX120. Any ideas of the cause, and hence the remedy.
  2. DaYooper
    I do not know the answer to your dilemma. I haven't had any issues with album artwork. I use dbpoweramp to rip cd in flac. Also have a couple hundred tracks in dsd from acousticsounds and the artwork is always there.
  3. Meelis
    Every album-art must be smaller than 950 KB, i think no limits in resolution.
  4. BartSimpson1976
    950KB is really, really small for proper artwork....
    Does the library handle "album artist" or only the useless "artist" tag?
  5. crashtest33
    This can't be right. I have album art 3000x3000 at over a MB and they work fine on the DX120
  6. mbwilson111
    If I choose Artist view and I click on an artist, I then see the list of albums that I have by that artist. Is that what you mean?
  7. BartSimpson1976
    yeah, but in that albums then most probably tracks are left out which have different contributing artists.
    I have tagged all my albums properly, so if I select "Bruce Springsteen" as album artist I should see the solo
    albums as well as albums with the E Street Band, with the Session Band and with the other band.
  8. hansuhumpty
    I was on the fence for either the Fiio M9 or this. Thanks for relieving me of my worries man. :D Same thing with me on that in-mic cable for my Pioneer CH9T. Gonna get a balanced MMCX cable now. :/
  9. Meelis
    I tested this when i got my DX120 with 1'st default firmware.
    Some 990 KB album-art worked, but over 1,1 MB did not. The lossless png was too big, i had to convert jpg quality 100 99 98 97 96... and all the way to 65% to stay in 950KB
    I went with 950KB and 2000x2000 limit, i had one 5000x5000 art and this was too slow.
    I would go even smaller than 2000 for DX120, but my phone has high-res screen and PC monitor is 4k.
  10. BonzerKeith
    I have a number that do not show the Artwork. One in particular I have been experimenting with, I tried at 300KB; 500KB & 839KB. It just shows no Artwork. I have been using MP3Tag for years, some I have a problem with others I do not. It has been more pronounced since I moved from the DX90 to the DX120, but this may just be a coincidence. Either way I would like to get to the root of the problem.
  11. davidmolliere
    I think this is a non issue... it doesn't make sense to have higher PPI and/or resolution than the DAP screen so it should fit the size constraints at least it did for me for every album I purchased... now if you add hires album art then... ok I get it you need to auto-resize the artwork no many DAPs have high res screens anyway...
  12. Meelis
    I have Flac 1.3.1 encodes with ID3V2 tag type, no issues so far.
  13. hansuhumpty
    I noticed when i turn my ibasso dx120 on there are these 2 small light blotches at the bottom edge of the screen(black startup background makes it noticeable). If i stare hard enough on the bottom when a song is playing(using a default wallpaper) i can see'm. Anybody else have this, or just me?
  14. mr8382004
    Hello Ibasso, do you have any official distributor or dealer here in the Phiilippines? I notice all the resellers here are from the gray market and don't give any warranty at all.
  15. ddmt
    It might be because dx120 can't display progressive jpeg, only baseline jpeg. Either re-export the image in your favourite image editor or in my case, I just re-download from this itunes artwork finder (https://bendodson.com/projects/itunes-artwork-finder/)
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