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Went to see Fink live last night - Superb sound, 200 people tops. GREAT performance!

My phone couldn't zoom out any further.
And how is this relevant to the DX100 you ask? Well I'll tell ya! Go to Http://www.finkworld.co.uk and get the album "Sort Of Revolution" in 24/44.1 WAV for £7 and listen to the track "Q&A" for some serious dynamics. Plus, it's an awesome album in great quality. The album "Perfect Darkness" is pretty damn good as well.

I have all of Fink's albums on CD and a few on vinyl too. Sort of Revolution is a great album, but also check out Distance and Time. The track Get your share in particular is superb.
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Hmm, sorry guys, is there a way to display the battery meter's percentage?

Search the play store for "battery widget" 

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Well my iPod Classic is officially out of space. So much for my hopes and dreams of storing all my stuff on one device.
I think it's time to switch to the dark side and order a dx100.

You sure you haven't been on the dark side all along :wink:.
With the larger sizes of SDXC cards coming out I'm sure you'll find a one unit solution even in the DX100. Eventually there will be 2TB micro SDXC cards...
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Well if there is any type of sand or grit, you might scratch it. I don't like screen protectors but wish I had used one on my Leica M9 screen since it is a coated plastic, which is insulting for the price of the M9. 

Dont have to worry about screen protectors on my waste level finders for my Hasselblads 

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Does the dx100 support sdxc's anyway? On the ibasso website it says up to 32gb sd card.

Pretty much as long as you format the card to FAT32 it will work just fine. Just make sure not to copy large files over 1 GB in size (single files) and you should have no issues. Also when these new cards come out they are very expensive but as time goes by they will become reasonably priced :).
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Strange but it seems you can put the DX100 in a state of sleep while attempting to shut it down. Basically when the DX100 asks you if you want to shut down you have the OK and Cancel buttons. Press ok once and then it will give you another prompt to shut it down. This time just press the side button to shut off the screen and it seems the DX100 will use minimal power in this state.
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Another possible alternative to the screen protector is one of the two amp wallets that ALO offers.  They are actually intended for piggybacking devices, but I wonder if one of the two might work.  I use the smaller of the two and I know you could modify it to work for the DX100 by eliminating the center divider section.  You might even be able to leave it there and use it as is - I no longer have a DX100 so cannot test it out.  The wallets also allow access to ports on top and on bottom.  
For those doing the circle-jerk around camera brands - I'd echo Jamoto's sentiment that its not the tool, it's the person wielding the tool.  Its as silly as pointing out that you use the same basketball sneakers that Yao Ming or Kobe Bryant wears.  
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So I had a new one today.

Twice before I have experienced the Chipmunks - the first time I restarted the DX, the second time I just hit pause and then play again and it was fixed.

Today it happened once more. This time I stopped the stock player, switched to PowerAmp, fired up the same song and it was still playing at high speed. :confused:
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I have with the PS500s, im no audiophile but am still suprised by its quality, its really reinvigorated my music listening. very very impressed.
its a real downer when you get bored with your audio tracks, I guess thats why you madmen (and girls) keep buying bigger and better, just so you can listen to the same music with new enthusiasm :)
has anyone paired DX100 with Grado SR325i ?


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