I love minidisc - is that weird?
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I too loved my minidiscs. Particularly my last Hi-MD player playing straight PCM - best I've heard from a portable player.

Trouble now is that the cost of the new player + Hi-MD discs (1 per album recorded) is so prohibitive. Players are so expensive. And the cost of one Hi-MD disc is more than a (used) original CD
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I guess that's what we pay for sound quality.

Do you really mean the costs are prohibitive? Maybe things have moved on another year. I bought my Sony MZ-RH1 new for just a little more than a 30GB iPod Nano this year. You can get Hi-MD's for ~ £4/disc new. Given that it records over 7 hours SP quality compared to normal minidiscs, it's economical and worthwhile, unless going for the ultimate travel quality - that is Linear PCM recording quality.

So happy to have discovered HiMD after all this time. Ahhhh! The joys of being a luddite

What other modern format enables such high CD quality on the go? No matter how they market 'jog-proof CD players', my CD player still wonks out on the go. Not so with mini-disc
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The Linear PCM CD quality recording is just fantastic!

For me its sound quality foremost. Then the disc. It is easier to record a whole bunch of stuff, like 7 CDs from one band onto one single disc, although I prefer going all out for sound quality and recording just 90 minutes on a Hi_MD.

It is cute though
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I too, still use MiniDisc (and Hi-MD) even today, although I now use them now almost exclusively in my car, home, and pro decks, while also loading them onto my PC with SonicStage CP v4.2 (with my MZ-RH1, one of three of that model that I own as I was smart enough to stock up before Sony pulled the plug on it) and then spilling them out onto my NW-HD5 for portable applications.

Hi-MD players/recorders (except 2nd generation Hi-MD recorders, MZ-RH10/910/710/M100/M10, which only record Hi-MD formats) can play and record in both MD and Hi-MD formats, so it's like you are getting two recorders/players in one convenient unit. Plus, all of the old MD accessories that work with them will also work with the Hi-MD players, such as cases/armbands/remotes/phones, etc.

Even though Sony pulled the plug on MiniDisc and Hi-MD tere are still those of us who continue to raid the online stores and eBay as well, swallowing up whatever stock of units/discs/accessories there are left, so don't feel out of the loop quite yet, case the MiniDisc and Hi-MD formats are not dead until the last units we own die on us.
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Well I came along and discovered Hi-MD late. The shop I bought mine from still had one for sale. A mate saw mine and thought it was so cool and was even more blown away by the sound quality

You got the complete mini-disc works eh? That's self-sufficiency

I haven't thought of what happens if my Hi-Md breaks down. Maybe cry?

But my Sharp MD MT888 has never had a fault before; it is reliable and goes sporting with me everywhere. Only a direct impact smash or something would kill it.

What is a NW-HD5? I'm new to the HiMd format. From what I can understand, normal 80minute minidiscs recorded onto the Hi-Md won't work in previous generation MD players. Why is this? I have a home MD deck, but I'm starting to think I would love an Onkyo FX705 Hi-MD home deck.

Any experience with this?
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Nothing weird about it, I've owned several and loved all of them - If fact I still drool over the Sony MZ-RH1, shame it's so damn expensive.....

Mind you my reason for owning them along with primary usage of them was a little weird, I used them mainly for research work, recording bat calls via a bat detector, the recordings were then analyzed back at home, identified & cataloged.

Listening to music was a secondary usage, in fact to date I've yet to find a better method / device of recording bat calls.

There you go, probably the weirdest usage of a DAP ever to appear within a thread on Head-Fi.
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I love my MD's for all your reasons and more.
I like to use my rack mount MD to either record digital from my computer rig's optical out from Traktor or analog out from my Vestax mixer to make mix MD's for listening on my netMD (or back into the computer for my podcasts). I find the MD compression to be pleasant.
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I'm a big fan of the Sony Mini discs. I loved the warm sound of the ATRAC files. I used to compress it at 256 kpbs and it still sounded great. I would fit about 7 CDs on one mini disc and carried a few extra discs for music. It was great. The mini discs also sounded great with an amp too- portable or desk top.
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quick question:

Which two out of these sony md players have the best sound quality? and how do they compare to most mp3 players today(sound quality wise and headphone driving power)???

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I keep on thinking about selling my 2 units but I can't.
I've paid $50 for both, a sony n510 and a sharp MS721,
haven't even used the Sharp for live recording yet.
It's minidiscs that got me into DIY binaural mics, battery boxes and Live recordings.
I love the looks of the older non-sony units. I had a JVC that looked beautiful.
too bad it was difficult finding batteries for these older guys. and, their remotes
were extra ordinary.
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I've never had a MD player but I was one of the later converts to DAP from PCDPs and I understand the sentiment. However, I don't relate to the dismissal of MP3, because I listen to ALBUMS 99% of the time. That seems to be the main issue. Forget shuffle and single songs, and listen to albums!
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That makes sense. If you've never had a MD player, then you won't know the higher quality sound that comes out from a MD player, compared to MP3.

Listening to albums and the closure of a body of work in 10 songs or 45 minutes or so is a way of preparing oneself in anticipation for music, and enjoying a discrete experience.

The modern shift is towards a kind of tuneless drum and bass approach, with background thuds to block the silence which reveals existential emptiness, or shock horror - the fear of having to talk to someone in the room. I say this half in jest ~ last night in a restaurant, after enjoying the quiet atmosphere, suddenly the 1980's junk music tracks came in as the restaurant staff thought that music for dinner was something to be 'enjoyed'.

Well batteries for these older units are shockingly, supplied by the Small Battery Company or similar companies! I'm shocked to discover that all my compact disc players and older minidisc players use the same gum batteries! Except the ultra modern MZ-NH1 - that has its own battery...
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Originally Posted by Dazed&Confused718 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
quick question:

Which two out of these sony md players have the best sound quality? and how do they compare to most mp3 players today(sound quality wise and headphone driving power)???


The MZ-NH1 is the highest model excepting the MZ-RH1. Its DAC and amp is reportedly phenomenal for sound play back, and it offers the same high quality Hi-MD Linear PCM recording from CD. You'll find that virtually all the mini-disc headphone amps are better spec'd than the iPod or Zune things.

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